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Simple Ways to Predict and Increase Employee Satisfaction and Performance

Posted by Insightlink on 10/20/21

It’s often said that a business is only as successful as its people. Along with employee retention, improving engagement and productivity in the workplace is now a priority for many companies, helping to ensure growth and success in the long term. But as the nature of our jobs and work environments changes, financial compensation alone won’t be enough to increase happiness and motivation. Now, businesses need to find new ways of improving employee satisfaction and performance, and here are some of the best methods for achieving just that:

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Prioritize good communication

Whenever communication is inefficient in the workplace, employee engagement is low, while misinformation and mishaps are high. In an effort to avoid this situation, it’s recommended to adopt a more transparent approach to informing your employees, such as through meetings or company-wide emails. Communication should also be a valued, two-way process, which is why you might want to adopt an open-door policy that will encourage questions and feedback from your employees, while fostering a more collaborative environment focused on mutual respect as well.

Aim to be more flexible

Giving your employees greater responsibility and control over their time spent in the workplace, as well as outside of it, is another incredibly important aspect. With better work-life balance now being one of the most popular demands amongst employees, especially when it comes to younger generations, providing your workers with a more flexible schedule is key. Similarly, providing remote working opportunities and being more open to staff leaving earlier or coming in later can also be good places to start, offering employees more autonomy, freedom, and empowerment that will consequently lead to an increase in performance and overall job satisfaction.

Offer advancement opportunities

When you provide opportunities for career advancement and development, not only will your company benefit from happier and more content employees, but also their newly-gained skills and experience. For instance, offering your current IT department or any other employee interested in the subject the option to acquire an online IT diploma is one of the best decisions you could make. By allowing individuals to develop skills needed for utilizing desktop virtualisation, networking servers, managing virtual computing environments, and responding to cyber security threats, among others, such a diploma will help to ensure skilled, knowledgeable, and certified employees that are highly valuable in any company.

Expand provided job benefits

Of course, one of the most efficient ways of improving employee happiness, satisfaction, and motivation, and leading to an increase in performance, is by offering attractive job benefits that your staff values the most. Whether that means paid time off, better healthcare options, contribution and pension plans, or even family-friendly perks, providing appealing and competitive benefits is bound to retain content workers. You might even find that the no-cost and low-cost perks have a greater impact on overall satisfaction as well.

Foster a healthier work environment

Due to the significant cost that often falls on employers, employee health is now the responsibility of the company, as well as the individual. As work-related stress can lead to a number of serious health concerns, such as high blood pressure, hypertension, and gastrointestinal issues, businesses have to promote good health and encourage their employees in an effort to boost performance. Fortunately, this could easily be achieved through simple solutions like holding regular health seminars, providing healthier food options in the office, encouraging frequent breaks and holidays, or simply offering free or discounted gym memberships.

Acknowledge and award accordingly

In order to improve job satisfaction, employees have to know their efforts are recognized and valued in the company. Whether you decide on internal newsletters, company-wide announcements, or even staff meetings, finding ways of publicly acknowledging and recognizing your employees is essential for a happy workforce. Similarly, offering small rewards for good work, such as gifts, vouchers, or a few extra vacation days, can be a great way of motivating your employees, while simultaneously setting an achievable goal anyone can strive for.
Happier employees often make for a more creative, engaged, and efficient workplace. Evidently, even implementing the smallest of changes in an effort to increase job satisfaction can lead to a number of benefits for your business in the long run.
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