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Palm Springs, California April 29, 2016

Insightlink Launches Initiative to Bolster U.S. Workforce

The American workforce is on everyone’s mind. It lies at the heart of our nation’s productivity, stability, even security. Most importantly, employees are the single most important asset in creating value and building profitability for their organizations. Then why are American workers so unhappy? Just under half of American workers are emotionally checked out with low engagement scores and high stress levels that haven’t moved in 3 years according to Insightlink’s 2016 Annual Survey of the American Workplace. The survey also reveals that half of employee turnover is preventable but that organizations lack the tools to understand the triggers causing attrition. Read full release on PRWEB

Palm Springs, California Jan 20, 2016

Insightlink's Annual Survey of the American Workforce

The proportion of U.S. employees with more work than they can handle has increased steadily since Insightlink began conducting employee surveys over 15 years ago. This finding aligns with public health concerns that stress is becoming a workplace epidemic. Anxiety, exhaustion, burnout and fear of losing their jobs are reported with increasing frequency in Insightlink’s employee research. And not to forget that there is a clear correlation between high stress levels in employees and increased absenteeism, reduced productivity, higher levels of disengagement and excessive turnover. Read full release on PRWEB

Palm Springs, California August 18, 2015

Exit Survey from Insightlink Calculates True Reasons for Employee Turnover

Employee turnover has historically been difficult to measure in dollars since the associated costs often do not appear as an item in company financial statements but, after decades of conducting employee research and hundreds and thousands of exit surveys, Insightlink has been able to identify the one key distinction in the turnover process that is the fundamental factor in assessing the true cost of turnover. What is this key factor? The degree of preventable turnover. Read full release on PRWEB

Palm Springs, California June 02, 2015

Insightlink Communications Appoints New Director of Marketing and Client Engagement

Insightlink Communications announced today that Lynn Lacey Gore has joined the firm in a newly created position to further develop their growing portfolio of North American accounts and support organizations committed to improving employee retention and maximizing employee engagement. Lynn Lacey Gore comes with a wealth of marketing experience and most recently worked to develop and launch Crosscliq, a mobile tech start up that was recently taken over a global mobile technology company. Read full release on PRWEB

Palm Springs, California April 14, 2015

New Survey From Insightlink Confirms Urgent Need for Employee Recognition Programs

Insightlink Communications, a leader in employee opinion and attitude research, today released survey results highlighting employee engagement trends across all American and Canadian industries. The research findings show that North American organizations have a long way to go to create work environments that maximize job satisfaction and employee engagement. Read full release on PRWEB


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