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How Implementing XR in the Workplace can Improve Staff Happiness

Posted by Insightlink on 12/05/18

Virtual Reality is the simulated experience of exploring virtual worlds in 360 degrees, and the technology has recently taken the gaming industry by storm. Augmented Reality technology is the combination of the real world and the virtual in one perspective, and is also featuring prominently in new games. Both technologies now form under the umbrella term Extended Reality (XR), and are actually being used by many companies across a multitude of industries. XR can be very useful to businesses, particularly within human resources, as the technologies can help improve staff happiness. Here’s how:

Extended Reality is already being used by many businesses to facilitate the process of onboarding employees when they first start. At present, 63% use, or plan to use, XR for training and simulation, as companies have learnt that the technology is able to prepare new recruitments far more effectively than traditional methods. The gamification of virtual and mixed realities provides a multi-sensory experience which is sure to increase the attention span and memory retention of first-time users. New employees can find great confidence in training with XR, especially when it comes to high-pressure or dangerous jobs that require a meticulous approach. In turn, this immersive training allows staff to be more comfortable when implementing their training to their everyday role.

The first six months a new employee spends with your company is really important in determining their future, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s often because there’s a disconnect between both parties. XR is a great way to fully assimilate new recruits with existing members of staff, especially for companies that have branches in different parts of the world, as they can interact with each other in the virtual world. Communicating with other people in VR can be a captivating experience, and even the smallest non-verbal cues and subtle signs of body language can be detected. Collaborative working has been taken to a new level with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and can greatly boost engagement and morale within the workforce, as it brings something immersive and innovative to the table.

Recruitment can often be a very challenging process for any business, as you won’t always get a clear understanding of a candidate from a standard interview. With Extended Reality, you can create very role-specific tasks that potential employees can complete, which gives you a much clearer understanding of their credentials. Not only that, but you can also use the technology to show a glimpse into an average working day at your company, from day-to-day duties to equipment and facilities. This is a proven way to finding the right match, as the detailed insight into your business will let hopefuls know if they think they can handle the role or not. By bridging the gap between expectations and the reality of the role, new employees will be more satisfied in their job and their colleagues will be reassured that they’re capable of fulfilling the role. It’s a win-win for everyone,

It’s worth noting that the ‘Virtual Revolution’ is only in its infancy, but there have already been remarkable strides made so far. Human resources departments from a wide range of sectors are already benefiting greatly from VR and AR, and while many companies are yet to take the plunge into the virtual world, it’s only a matter of time before mass adoption becomes a reality.


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