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Employee Surveys
Employee engagement is linked to profits

Employee Surveys

A powerful system for getting the most out of employee engagement and satisfaction surveys. Both fully benchmarked and customizable to your company's specific needs.

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Exit Surveys
A complete package for tracking the reasons your employees are leaving. Look for trends and patterns that may need attention so you can reduce attrition.

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New Hire Surveys
How effective is your organization’s onboarding process? Insightlink's New Hire onboarding survey tool gets feedback from your new hires at different times in their first year.

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360° Feedback
A Web-based management and reporting tool designed to make 360° multi-rater assessments fast, simple and cost-effective for organizations of any size.

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Employee engagement is linked to profits Extensive research proves that committed and loyal employees have a direct positive impact on your company's performance and profitability. A well-designed employee survey can help you improve employee engagement.

The Insightlink method lets you see where your company stands on each of the critical 4Cs of employee satisfaction: Commitment to assess employee engagement, Culture to gauge leadership and accountability, Communications to identify roadblocks to effective management, and Compensation to measure employee perceptions of pay and benefits.

Surveying your employees based on all four factors together can more effectively measure employee engagement than other approaches.

An Insightlink 4Cs survey can also help you effectively identify problem areas within your organization. With this valuable insight, you have another tool that can be used to improve your company's bottom line.

Our Fully Benchmarked 4Cs Engagement Surveys allow you to compare your company's performance, both within your industry, and nationally, in the U.S. or Canada. Our employee questionnaires can be deployed online, or by paper, in multiple languages and in as many locations as your organization requires. Whether you have 50, or 50,000 employees, with, or without Internet access, we can tailor a solution that's both cost-effective and appropriate for your needs. Get a no-obligation quote now.

We also have extensive Benchmark Norms for most industries in the USA and Canada. Find out why valid normative data is critical to the success of your project and your action plans.

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Employee engagement is linked to profits

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Where does your company stand on each of the critical "4Cs" of employee satisfaction?
  • Commitment
  • Culture
  • Communications
  • Compensation
Find out with a benchmarked and validated 4Cs Survey from Insightlink, one of the most trusted survey companies in North America.

How many of these do you have?
  • Committed Loyalists
  • Change Seekers
  • Dissatisfied Compromisers
  • Satisfied Opportunists
Only the Insightlink 4Cs Survey can give you the full picture and let you hear how your employees feel about their experience at your organization.

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ROI Calculator
How much does low engagement cost your organization?

As a recognized leader among survey companies, Insightlink knows that employee engagement plays a vital role in protecting your company's bottom line.

U.S. companies lose billions of dollars each year due to low levels of employee engagement. Don't let your company to be one of them. Disengaged and dissatisfied employees impact your business's productivity, customer service, levels of innovation, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Get a quote now, and see how Insightlink can help.

You can increase job satisfaction and employee engagement at your organization using the Insightlink 4Cs model.

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