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How Technology in the Workplace can Improve Employee Happiness

Posted by Insightlink on 01/29/19

Most savvy companies know that increasing employee satisfaction can lead to decreased levels of employee turnover, which costs companies $30.5 billion annually. While there are many ways to go about ensuring that your employees are happy - and continue to be happy - one of the most effective ways to engage them at work is to play to their interests. And, with more than half of the workforce set to be made up of Millennials and younger-aged employees by 2020, the way to win their hearts and play to their interests lies in providing them with the right technology.

Giving Them The Tools Needed For Success

In recent years, it has been reported that 56% of employees don’t have the latest tech needed to complete their job well. The same study revealed that only 44% of employees thought their company used the latest technology to enable them to effectively perform in their role, and that led to decreased engagement and satisfaction, as they didn’t feel like the company was investing in their professional success. With the ability to install all of the programs they need to effectively do their jobs, technology in the form of a laptop is a great investment on behalf of a company looking to increase engagement in their employees. Providing employees with a laptop to use for work allows and encourages them to take their work with them wherever they go. While many people have personal laptops, a work laptop is a great way to ensure they stay focused on business when they’re using it, and also a great way to ensure your company’s data and files are all encrypted and protected.

Enabling Clear Communication

Nothing makes you feel unsatisfied and stressed like not knowing what’s going on. In an increasingly busy world, providing your employees with technology that allows them to clearly communicate while also scheduling their time is crucial in their overall engagement. In-work tech such as voice assistants and timekeeping tools allow them to confirm or deny meeting requests according to a global calendar, produce automate reminders about important deadlines and easily communicate with their higher-ups regarding questions, concerns or ideas. Investing in cloud-based technology that allows employees to remotely connect to their files and calendars will help them stay on top of their work while also encouraging clear communication across multiple channels.

Investing In Your Employees’ Success

High employee turnover is directly correlated to disengaged and dissatisfied workers who feel that they’re either not being challenged enough at work, or that the company values don't craft a culture in which they feel valued and cared for. Providing your employees with technology that allows them to successfully perform their job will increase the sense of accomplishment amongst workers, as they will feel that you are investing in their success by setting them up for it with the right tools. Laptops, timekeeping tools, and voice assistants are just a few of the devices that can promote higher employee efficiency and engagement, and understanding which you should invest in lies in communicating with your employees about their interests and needs.

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