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4 Perks to Look for at Your Next Job

Posted by Insightlink on 09/04/18

More than ever, workers are looking for perks and benefits of a new workplace beyond just the number on their paycheck. As the ability to change jobs and careers increases, employers are doing more to compete for better workers. The next time you're on the hunt for a new place to work, look for these four things at your new office. 

Corporate Culture

It's more than a buzzword in 2018. Corporate culture matters so much to young workers that a survey found most of them would give up $7,600 in annual salary to work in an environment with a better corporate culture. But what does that mean exactly? It depends on who you ask but many workers look for companies with aligned social values such as a commitment to sustainability or contribution. Companies are making it known what they stand for and what they can offer to their employees as a result, so finding the right place to work under this category is easier now than ever.  

Office Layout 

The effectiveness of the open office is still up for debate, but many workplaces still embrace this style. No matter which layout works best, there's a good chance there is a certain layout that works best for you. Pay attention to the office layout during your on-site interview to get a sense of the working environment. Is it a place that fosters collaboration and creativity? Is it crowded and chaotic? Is it rows of cubicle hell? This is a building in which you'll spend many hours of your life. Make sure it's one that's right for you. 

Safety & Security 

There are two kinds of security in the workplace. The first covers a more literal definition of office security. Is the building in a safe part of town? Does it employ a building security staff? Does the building require an ID badge to enter? Is the office parking protected with a 4K surveillance camera to protect your vehicle? 

The second kind of security revolves around a workplace's harassment policies and what the company does to protect its employees inside the office. This issue has seen more public attention in the last few years and it's something you should care about when looking for a new job. Every company should have a clear policy in place to prevent harassment in the workplace. 

Modern Benefits 

We've come to expect the same benefits from most larger companies, vacation time, retirement plans, healthcare, but companies are now offering what some call modern benefits to attract better employees. These are a few perks to look for when searching for a new job. 

  • Extended Maternity/Paternity Leave: The federal standard in the United States for leave is extremely low compared to the rest of the developed world, but many companies are now going above and beyond to offer months of paid leave to both new mothers and fathers.
  • Work From Home: Technology makes doing our job from the living room a reality, and companies are starting to recognize that. Many have work-from-home polices that let employees stay home at least one day a week to cut down on commuting and enjoy a change in working environment.
  • On-Site Meals & Nutrition: Lunch and snacks can be a big expense when you add everything up for the month. This is a less common perk but one that larger corporations are using to make sure employees have everything they need in the office.

Other benefits like adoption assistance, tuition reimbursement and training are also there to help with both personal and career development. No matter what matters most to you in your career and work-life balance, there's a good chance a company out there is working to make it happen for its employees.


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