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The #1 Reason To Do An Employee Engagement Survey

Posted by Insightlink on 08/26/16

Employee Engagement hovers around 30% in the U.S. which means 7 out of 10 people hate Monday! 
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A statistic like that begs us all to wonder what is happening in our own workplaces and how many people are enjoying or hating their jobs. Sure you can ask around or you can take a guess but the only safe and sure way to know is to survey your employees and  ask them about their jobs and where they work.

In other words, who’s loving it and who’s not.

That is the #1 reason to do a survey because you have to know what's going on in your organization if you want to make improvements. Disengaged employees  are going to cost you money by being less productive. And disengaged employees do not care as much about their jobs as other employees. They are not concerned with productivity, or even quality. This is because they are just putting in time and doing their job – and that’s it. They are not committed to you; they only care about earning a paycheck. They take less pride in their work, and this lack of pride leads to reduced productivity. Many of these employees though are not hardwired to be dissatisfied. They might be struggling because of the day to day issues they deal with in their jobs. If you could identify and fix these problems, our research shows you stand a very good chance of converting these unhappy employees into becoming your most loyal employees.

The best way to determine if your employees are disengaged is through the use of an employee survey. A well-designed employee survey will reveal the true thoughts and feelings of your workers. You may be wondering why you need to know their true thoughts and feelings especially if you think you have an open door policy for communication – so you already know what they think. The reality is that most employees are too afraid to complain publically and don’t want to risk any kind of retaliation. Most employees need their paycheck, and they may fear that complaining will cost them their jobs.

Insightlink engagement surveys guarantee anonymity so employees can reveal their true feelings, without revealing their identities. This gives them the freedom to be honest with their answers. You will find out much more about your workers and how they feel, with an employee survey, than you will with an open door policy. Contact us today at Insightlink Communications to learn more about the benefits of surveying your employees. Visit our website at, write to or call Lynn Gore at 866-802-8095 ext 702.
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