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How to Decide Whether Agile Innovation Methods are Right for Your Team

Posted by Insightlink on 02/08/19

If you find HR department routinely experiences issues and is inefficient or you find it can't keep up with the changing company culture, you might want to start thinking about ways to re-outfit it and manage day-to-day operations. What are your processes and how can they be tweaked or changed? Or should you just throw out the baby with the bathwater and try a whole new approach? 

Although it's been around since the early 2000s, the agile methodology first became popular among software developers that wanted to bring products to market faster and more efficiently. Having an agile mindset when it comes to HR certainly has its benefits, allowing for improved performance and quicker and easier processes. 

Since agile methodology worked so well for these developers, business owners and other professionals jumped on the bandwagon and started using these principles and values as part of a general approach to project management. From there, it trickled down into other departments like human resources. 

So what exactly are agile innovation methods, and how do you know if they're right for you and your HR department? Let's take a look and then we'll discuss how best to implement one using a call center in the cloud. 

What is Agile Innovation? 

Agile innovation is a method of innovating that accelerates certain processes and makes you more efficient throughout the process. With regard to HR, agile innovation involves allowing the company to function as a network and delivering value to the customers. 

It also means having a mindset that work should be done using small, autonomous cross-functional teams whose members work in short cycles and receive constant feedback from the end user, according to Forbes. Essentially, agile innovation makes your team faster and more efficient overall. 

How Do You Create an Agile HR Department? 

By using agile innovation methods in HR, you're bound to see increased productivity, meaning you'll get things done a lot faster than you would using a traditional method. But what does it mean to create an agile HR department? 

According to Innovation Agenda, an agile HR department provides the same traditional services, such as performance management, hiring and professional development, but it must do so in a way that's responsive to the organization's overall work style and culture, and which can handle fluid changes in company culture. 

Your agile HR department should focus on creating policies and practices that allow companies to respond quickly and easily to anything that comes up in day-to-day operations. In particular, an agile HR department: 

  • Develops a suitable talent pool 
  • Leads HR retrospectives 
  • Breaks down workplace hierarchies 

If you're still not sure if agile innovation methods are right for your HR department, continue on to see who benefits most from it. 

How Do You Know if Agile Innovation is Right for Your Team? 

Agile innovation methods won't work for all projects and might not even be right for certain companies. This methodology works best in a creative context, according to Creative Business Inc., and might not work well in a factory setting. Agile innovation methods also work well in the education sector, nonprofits, marketing agencies and media companies. 

Additionally, if you know your team doesn't take direction well and must constantly be told what to do next, this methodology might not be the best bet for you. Your team has to be able to take a high level of responsibility, with each individual working as a team player who works well with others. Agile methods also require you to put in time up-front to learn this new way of thinking and adjust to changes needed throughout the company. 

Agile innovation methods work best with a call center in the cloud to help smooth collaboration. Let's take a look at what a cloud call center is and how it can help your HR department become more agile. 

What's a Cloud-based Call Center? 

A cloud-based call center is a virtual contact center that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime

Whether you're conducting interviews in a coffee shop or giving a presentation at a conference, you can access all the information you need to be efficient and professional with just an internet connection. You can also add additional features like workforce optimization and workforce management to make managing employees a breeze. 

Putting Your Company on the Road to Success 

By using agile innovation methods coupled with a call center in the cloud, you'll be better equipped to create products and services that change lives and put your company on the road to success. 

So if you're looking for a new way to manage your HR department, consider using agile innovation and find a call center in the cloud provider that's reliable and trustworthy, one that can help you avoid digital disruptions and enable better decision-making in the workplace.


About Insightlink:
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