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Understanding Employee Engagement in 2015

Posted by Insightlink on 01/16/15

And the 'New World of Work'

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Often times, in the process of implementing an employee survey, senior HR management will admit that they ‘think they know what is happening with their staff but could be fooling themselves too’. We, like so many people who work in the field of HR and employee engagement, recognize how fast the world of HR is changing and how difficult it is to really understand what is happening.
An article recently published by Josh Bersin does a fabulous job of providing clarity on the subject of this ‘new world of work’, which he claims is really a ‘new world of life-one where work, home, family and personal lives are interconnected in a real-time way’. Bersin explains how this interconnected way of life, combined with the shift in demographics (today’s Millennial’s could make up 75% of the global workforce in five years), means that ‘businesses must think about talent very differently than they have in the past. Workers now join companies like athletes join professional teams’.

A powerful shift indeed.

To be successful, HR will need to recognize that diversity, inclusion, brand, reputation, corporate purpose and mission and even the hourly workforce are all related and interconnected, therefore will need to think ‘holistically about everything we do in HR as part of a talent ecosystem’.

To help us all gain better insight and understanding, Bersin makes the following nine predictions for 2015:
1. Culture, diversity, engagement and retention will be front-burner issues
2. Performance management will continue to be re-designed
3. More companies will deal with overwhelmed employees
4. Corporate learning will be transformed and will take on more importance
5. Companies will redesign talent acquisition, leveraging network recruiting, brand reach and new technologies
6. Talent mobility and career management strategies will become necessary to compete
7. Leaders will invest in talent analytics and workforce planning
8. Companies will take advantage of new tools in HR technology
9. HR teams will get a new design and a new focus on professional development

If you have doubts about what is happening on your team we can certainly help you gain clarity and insight. That’s our goal. To help you get a clear vision of both the positive and the negative and provide you with the tools to help you move your organization in the right direction, check us out at

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