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Tips for Recruiters: How to Prevent Applicants from Ghosting

Posted by Insightlink on 04/11/22

One of the main tasks of recruiters is to find qualified applicants for the company they’re representing. They often review numerous resumes and conduct multiple interviews to determine the best candidate to fill a certain position. However, the recruiter’s role becomes challenging when applicants suddenly stop answering their calls and responding to their messages without any explanation. As a result. hiring managers will need to start the talent acquisition process all over again, which can be time-consuming. It also leaves the position vacant for longer than expected, so it may have a negative impact on company productivity. 

In romantic dating, this sudden and unexplained cutting off of communication is known as “ghosting” and the term has been adapted to describe the phenomenon of job applicants who don’t show up to interviews and stop participating in the application process without giving notice to the recruiter. Typically, candidates choose to ghost recruiters because they found work at a different company, their current employer convinced them to stay, or they weren’t satisfied with the job offer.
If you’re a recruiter, getting ghosted can cause setbacks, but there are several ways you can prevent applicants from abandoning their applications. No matter what vacant jobs you posted, here are some tips to help you reduce the chances of applicant ghosting. 

Be Transparent with the Talent Acquisition Process

Applicants who are actively looking for a job often send their CVs to many companies. Once they land their dream job, they aren’t likely to maintain a relationship with the other hiring managers. While you can’t stop candidates from searching for opportunities elsewhere, you can improve your talent acquisition strategy to keep applicants interested in working with your company.
Starting with the job vacancy posting, be clear about the skills and qualifications you’re looking for in a candidate. It will also help to describe the organization’s culture in the hiring posting. This way, you get applications from individuals who are most well-suited to the position and feel that they’ll be a good fit with your corporate culture. If they are serious about the application, they aren’t likely to ghost it. 
Another reason why applicants ghost recruiters is because the hiring process takes too long. To help manage their expectations, be upfront about the timeline and overview of the process at the start of your engagement. This will give applicants an idea of what they can expect and how to better prepare for the tasks ahead.

Keep Candidates Updated About Their Application Status


Another reason applicants lose interest in pursuing a job is because the hiring manager doesn’t update them on the status of their applications. It may leave them feeling frustrated, or they may move on to a different opportunity because they think that they are no longer being considered for the position. As a result, once the recruiter does get in touch with the applicant again, they may have lost interest and are less likely to respond. 
To prevent being ghosted, make sure not to cut off communications on your end. Keep job candidates updated about their status, let them know when they can expect to hear from you, and make sure to deliver on your promise. Also, give them valuable feedback and be honest if you’re still evaluating their application or if you have found a more suitable applicant for the post.

Respond Quickly to Candidates’ Queries


Many recruiters don’t like getting delayed responses from candidates because it slows down the hiring process. In the same vein, applicants would appreciate a timely response from hiring managers. Waiting too long to reply seemingly conveys disinterest, so the applicant will be more likely to dedicate their efforts elsewhere.
So if you don’t want applicants ghosting you, treat them as you’d like to be treated. Respond to the applicants’ messages or emails as soon as you are able, and if you are waiting for a reply, send a follow-up message. This indicates that you are taking their application seriously and they are more likely to extend the same courtesy to you.

Foster a Strong Relationship with the Applicants


When you have open communication with the candidates, you’re also letting them feel more at ease and more likely to engage in genuine conversations with you. This allows you to learn more about the applicant and get a better sense of their career goals. Apart from helping you find out if they’re a great fit with the rest of your team, the conversations can help you form a stronger relationship with the candidates. 
As you build a stronger relationship with the candidate, they’ll feel a deeper sense of obligation to you and be less likely to ghost the application. The connection can also encourage the candidate to be honest with you about their other prospects, so you may be able to leverage better terms and convince them to join your company.
Candidates who ghost their job applications can derail your recruiting process. While you can’t stop applicants from pursuing other opportunities, you can reduce the chances of a dwindling candidate pool. By being transparent with the hiring process and keeping an open line of communication with the candidates, you can prevent them from ghosting job applications and ensure your chances of finding the right person to hire 


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