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The Top 5 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions Explained

Posted by Insightlink on 01/22/14

The employee satisfaction survey is a good measure of how happy and engaged your employees are in their jobs. Knowing what the problem areas are in your organization will help you to make the changes needed to have a higher percentage of engaged employees. Below are five of the most popular questions to be asked on employee satisfaction surveys.

  1. How realistic are the expectations of your supervisor? Knowing how employees feel about expectations coming from their supervisor is important. If a majority of employees state that they feel expectations are unrealistic, there is an obvious problem. Input from employees would be prudent in this case.
  2. How often do the tasks assigned to you by your supervisor help you grow professionally? Satisfaction in one's work is extremely important to employees. If tasks are too menial, or they seem to not be relevant to the company as a whole, it could cause this question to receive a negative response. Employees crave work at their experience level and need to feel they are doing their part for the benefit of the company.
  3. How much do you feel your opinions matter to coworkers or management? Employee opinions should always be important. However, when employees feel that their thoughts don't matter, it will cause disengagement. When running a business, employees are essential; they help shape the company. Creating a system for feedback could help solve this issue.
  4. In a normal week, how often do you feel stressed at work? In some professions, stress is common. However, employees should not be under extreme stress daily. If this is the case, you will need to find out why employees are stressed. Once a reason is uncovered, you can then work with employees to fix these issues.
  5. How proud are you of your employer's brand? Having employees that are proud of the brand they work for is incredibly important. Measuring how proud employees are can give a general picture of how happy your staff is. A happy staff will be proud of the job they do, which means they are actively engaged.
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