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Posted by Insightlink on 06/12/15

When CEO’s get it right we can’t help ourselves, we have to shout out to them! This week our shout out goes to Sir Richard Branson at Virgin Group for his remarkable new job perk announcement.In a landmark move to show his support and commitment to his employees, he is offering new fathers, and mothers, who have been with the company at least 4 years, the  opportunity to take one year off of work to go be dads and moms while Virgin pays their salary in full.

This latest move, described as ‘unimaginable’, positions Branson at the top of our most respected CEO’s because he clearly understands the employer employee relationship. He gets that when employees feel that their employer really cares about them, they respond by being the best employees any CEO could ask for. It is a 100% win-win situation.

With years of employee research behind us we know that perks by and of themselves don’t drive employee engagement but we also know that a key driver of engagement is feeling that you matter to the organization where you work.
We know that an organization like Virgin is destined to succeed when their CEO not only says, but puts into practise, the belief that , “If you take care of your employees they will take care of your business”. Branson is betting that an employee who feels like his company is looking out for him is going to be more productive and less likely to jump ship.

Working hard to help out your employees is putting your employees first. This will drive levels of employee engagement up and while you may not be able to afford to duplicate Branson’s perk, there may be other ways you can make a positive difference.
It is possible to find out if your employees think you care about them. Simply ask them about their jobs and their relationship with you using an employee survey. Once you know where you stand you can take action to make the changes you need to become the kind of workplace you want to be.

We have helped thousands of organizations make changes and we would love to help yours. To find out how our employee survey can measure engagement in your organization and provide you with the diagnostics to see what change is needed, give us a call at 866-802-8095 ext. 705 or send us an email at

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