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5 Internal Marketing Strategies to Supercharge Employee Engagement

Posted by Insightlink on 04/25/22

The main goal of internal marketing is to make employees more enthusiastic about the company. This in turn increases engagement with the company and their work, improving brand advocacy out there. However, not every internal marketing strategy will lead to increased employee engagement. Many organizations stop at only recognizing the importance of informing employees about the direction and strategy of the company and promoting its brand to the employees. But, if you are to enhance engagement, internal marketing needs to put the employees – who are the audience in this case, first. This means engaging them all the way and meeting them where they are in terms of how, when, and where you deliver information to them. That being said, here are 5 internal marketing strategies that can take employee engagement to the roof.


1.      Use two-way communication

Internal marketing is much more than internal communication. Don’t make the mistake of implementing a top-down way of communication. Instead, make it collaborative and interactive by inviting your employees to be part of the process. Keep in mind that your employees are at the forefront of your company. They know what messaging will resonate with them better. So, conduct surveys and call for regular meetings to listen to what the employees have to say. Asking for their input can unlock insights that can prove valuable for your internal marketing efforts. What’s more, knowing that their opinion counts show that you care about them as a valuable part of the organization. And, that goes a long way in enhancing their motivation towards the organization.

2.      Encourage participation and response

If you are to drive engagement across the entire team, having everyone understand your message is paramount. One way that you can tell if your employees are invested in your internet marketing strategies is through their participation and response. So, how can you encourage this? First, it is the understanding that every employee has a preferred way of communicating. It is likely to benefit your efforts if you use a mix of emails, texts, posters, videos, meetings, and more to pass your message. Additionally, keep in mind the different channels that your employees prefer. Consider utilizing your company’s social media pages, website, and social platforms such as Slack to make the message available. Third, remember the bore factor. Just like any other human, your employees have a short attention span. Find ways to make your messaging interesting and interactive to keep employees engaged.

3.      Have employees use your products or services

Another great way of increasing employee engagement is providing tools to make their work easier. One of these tools includes equipping your employees with the product knowledge needed to make a sale. Moreover, this is possible by including product marketing in your internal marketing strategies. Well, there is no better way for employees to gain knowledge about your products than their own experiences. Let the employees have opportunities to test your products. You can also offer them discounts to encourage them to purchase the products.
However, you have to keep in mind that your employees are just like your external customers. For this reason, packaging matters in internal product marketing just as it does in external product marketing. Your packaging can play an important role in the employees’ decisions to purchase your products. Go with the trend, and choose a packaging that resonates with your internal customers as well. If you are in the cannabis business, for instance, choosing custom cannabis packaging can enhance sales from within as it would with other customers.

4.      Include a rewards program

A good marketing strategy does remember to promote a positive company culture just as it does values, goals, and missions. Moreover, fostering a positive company culture includes recognizing and celebrating success across the organization. This means praising and rewarding individuals or departments who have done exemplary in their performance. When done right, rewarding good performance shows the employees that you appreciate your efforts. And, that can enhance their engagement. Additionally, it inspires the rest of the workforce to give their best to be in the limelight in the future. 

5.      Align internal marketing with external marketing

Sending a different message out there from what the employees are hearing from within can be catastrophic to your brand reputation among the employees. It can lead to confusion and employees questioning your integrity if there is a mismatch between the internal and external messages. It goes without saying that employees can start disconnecting from the company if that happens. It is important to make sure that internal and external marketing messages are linked using digital marketing strategies. And, that is not all. Ensure that it resonates with your employees as it does with your external customers.
While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, internal marketing, when done right, can fuel employees’ engagement with the company and its vision, mission, goals, and initiatives. That is why it is important to understand your organization’s internal marketing needs and rally your efforts towards achieving these needs while fostering engagement. Hopefully, the above strategies give an idea of where to start customizing them for your team. 
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