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Motivated Staff: Six Methods to Make the End of the Year Fun

Posted by Insightlink on 12/22/22

Are you looking forward to your annual leave? Your employees and colleagues are most likely feeling the same way now that the end of the year is in sight! As we approach December, it can be difficult to keep employees motivated in the final weeks of the year - but rather than ignoring the problem, why not address it head-on?

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Why Is It Important To Motivate Employees At The End Of The Year?

Motivation is an essential component of being human. We are constantly motivated to move towards or away from something. When we are unmotivated, we feel less alive and our cortisol levels rise. And the more cortisol in our bodies, the more stressed we can become. We have dopamine to counteract this. It is a chemical in the brain that causes us to feel good. This is what motivates us to achieve our goals; we finish our tasks, get a hit of dopamine, and are motivated to move on to the next thing. It gives us the motivation to keep moving forward.
Employers and managers may notice employees taking longer lunches, skipping meetings, or mentally checking out from their work tasks at this time of year. According to one study, employee activity levels in North America drop by 52% between mid-December.
Instead of becoming frustrated with your employees or with yourself, it's best to have some strategies in place to stay focused and on track. By doing so, you can ensure that your company continues to meet targets and achieve organizational goals, while also ending the year on a positive note with your team.

Adjust End-of-Year Goals

A company will run smoothly if its employees are motivated and want to invest in quality. However, the end of the year is always a trying time. Tensions are high for the employer. They require high efficiency in order to complete ongoing projects and forecast first-quarter goals for the following year. However, for employees, it is often a time to unwind before the holidays.
You must increase employee commitment by updating company goals to get through this period. You will be able to help your employees resist the stress and professional fatigue that accumulate at the end of the year if you show flexibility and adapt your expectations to this situation.

Employee Recognition and Reward

While December is always a busy month, it is the ideal time to recognize your employees' hard work throughout the year. And this helps keep employees motivated and positive until they leave.
Positive feedback and recognition are undeniably important in increasing employee motivation and engagement; people are much happier and work harder when they feel valued. It also demonstrates that you have been paying attention to their efforts throughout the year. 

Decorate For The Holidays

The rush of holidays at the end of the year can actually work in your favor. If you work hard to keep your business festively decorated for the holidays, the calendar itself will force you to keep things interesting. People get bored with the same surroundings fast.
Why not organize a team event to celebrate the year's successes with employees? It could be something as simple as a team lunch. You can transform the office into a surprise room for employees. In such cases, you can order food, choose a theme, buy plastic dinnerware sets, and make the room as organized and appealing as possible. When your surroundings are festive, it's simpler to get into the holiday spirit. This is an excellent way to promote teamwork and stimulate workplace interactions, creativity, and innovation.

Plan For The Future

Employees are never more motivated than when specific plans for the future are made. Decide what you want to achieve by the end of the year, and then list the steps you must take to get there. This serves as an incentive, encouraging employees to look ahead and concentrate. Of course, you can have this discussion with your employees so that they have a say in the company's strategies.


As the holidays approach, it is critical to recognize accomplishments and maintain motivation by making plans for the future. Regardless of the challenges, it is critical to recognize and reward your employees while also taking some time to enjoy the holiday season.
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