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How Reference Checking Systems Improve Your Hiring Process

Posted by Insightlink on 03/15/21

The process of hiring new employees used to be straightforward. However, as the needs of businesses mutate, it is crucial to reconsider the hiring process. Consequently, organizations are taking more than three weeks to complete the interview process. Finding quality talent will always be a time-consuming process, but are there things you can do to reduce that time? 

An automated reference checking service crawls the internet to find specific information. The essence is to find as many references as possible and improve the hiring process. If the system is well-calibrated, it can provide honest responses than you will get during a phone call. When the data is combined, it improves hiring decisions and gets quality employees.

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Image by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash 

How Automated Reference Tracking Systems Work

Most hiring professionals fear the reference checking process. You have to call everybody on the references list to confirm the story. Many of the contacted references will not have time to respond. As a result, few references provide useful input during the hiring interview. Similarly, other references don't want to provide any information because they fear legal consequences. Thankfully, an automated reference checking system can solve these problems.

The HR team can gather a vast amount of information within a short time. Also, automated computer programs conduct most of the work, and the team will have to analyze the information. Eventually, the hiring process becomes an efficient and streamlined exercise. When the hiring managers have a long list of references, they can quickly pinpoint the best candidates from all the others.

How Do They Aid Your Hiring Process?

Better Decision-Making

Traditionally, the hiring process starts with mass interviews. After the first interviews are complete, the HR department shortlists a few candidates. Once the small group has been created, they start to verify each candidate's references. That is where the problems begin. Some references won't be available, while others will share incorrect or insufficient information. A business that works with a reference checking service can get around this.

The business can avoid time-wasting phone calls and create an efficient process for information collection. This process aggregates each shortlisted candidate's qualifications, experience, and skills.

They Provide Useful Information 

Traditional hiring processes typically produce incomplete information. Since automated reference checking services result in comprehensive information, they provide more valuable data. As a result, decision-makers will have a bird's view of each candidate's hiring process.

After your team has collected all the information, they can sit down and analyze it systematically. Some of the things they will be looking for include experience, interpersonal skills, and niche performance. You'll also be matching each candidate with the expected roles. This will eliminate spontaneous decision-making and solidify data-driven hiring processes. Ultimately, your business will hire a candidate with the right qualifications to push your business agenda.

Discrimination is Eliminated

Some people have inherent biases against minorities, one of the two genders, or certain races. The biases may also extend to age or nationality. While you can try to put these feelings aside during the interview process, you can also get them out of the way using a reference-checking service. 

This system uses standardized protocols that don't check a person's age, race, gender, nationality, or religion. Instead, it primarily focuses on the person's talent, skills, and experience. Consequently, your business will be able to create a diverse and competent team.

They Benefit Applicants

An automated reference checking service is also a good thing for job applicants. Normally, you'll have to remind your former employers about your qualifications regularly. The purpose is to keep them ready for a phone call from your new hiring manager. This is a time-consuming process, and it ties your career to your former bosses' schedules. 

An automated reference checking system levels the playground. If you have the best qualifications, experience, and skills, you will likely get the job. That is because the business will easily get all your information from online sources. You won't be discriminated against based on your race, gender, age, or religion.

Getting Started with a Reference Checking System

Implementing an automated reference checking service in your business comes with many benefits. Apart from speeding up the hiring process, you will gain access to critical data about your shortlisted candidates. Similarly, a reference checking service helps you to verify what potential candidates are telling you. The overall benefit is the creation of a highly qualified workforce.

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