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3 Top Tips for Recruitment Marketing

Posted by Insightlink on 03/23/21

Recruitment marketing isn't all that different from other forms of marketing. You are targeting potential hires instead of customers. You can use plenty of the same advertising tactics, but there are some caveats. 

 recruitment marketing

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1. Use Technology 

Marketing employs analytics to learn more about target audience demographics. Recruitment efforts can do the same. Eyal Gutentag, Chief Marketing Officer at ZipRecruiter, has over 20 years of experience in marketing for various industries. All of them were high-growth environments, and recruitment is no different. He is a big propenent of using "technology as a positive, disruptive force." Launching several startups, himself, led to this discovery. Tech is key. 

In the recruitment space, most marketers are no stranger to software applications. HR professionals use systems that track employees, potential hires, and more. This information can actually help in recruitment marketing, as well. Compiling the data from previous successful hires can give you an idea of your target audience. 

2. Find Job Seeker Hangouts 

Once you have the profile for your ideal hire, you can start tailoring your message to them. Once you have the ideal message, you need somewhere to put it. Where are job seekers likely to see a recruitment opportunity? This isn't as black and white as you may think. 

Job boards are the obvious choice. This is something that can't be overlooked in recruitment marketing. However, there are other avenues aside from LinkedIn and Indeed. What about other social media platforms? For instance, if you are recruiting for a fashion brand, Pinterest and Instagram have hoards of users to pick from. There are even handy hashtags, boards, and more to narrow your search.

If you're looking for candidates in the tech industry, there are specific job boards tailored just for that purpose. You may also look at forums or even tech events in an area local to the job opening. Networking goes a long way. Instead of posting and hoping the right candidate will come to you, look for spaces where that ideal candidate will likely be online.

3. Be Human

Considering you've got the right tools and done the research, you are now ready to do some outreach. However, cold calls and emails aren't the most effective. They sometimes work, but they seem impersonal far too often. How do you get around this? 

Humans respond to honesty and warmth. If you sound like a mass marketer, you'll be treated like one. Just be human! You will attract candidates that are a cultural fit by being authetic. A combination of all these tips will lead to your ideal hire via effective recruitment marketing.

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