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Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Recruiters Need to Develop Presentation Skills

Posted by Insightlink on 04/11/22

A lot of real estate brokerages experience challenges in hiring talented real estate agents. Often, this situation isn’t the fault of the company. Rather, it’s a combination of various factors such as a highly competitive market and fewer active candidates. The economy also influences several aspects of recruitment.
However, there are also times when recruitment difficulties stem from the shortcomings of the recruiters themselves. For example, they may be limiting their candidate sourcing to just a few platforms when in fact they should be widening their net.
Some recruiters may also lack certain competencies, such as presentation skills. They may be able to create comprehensive and well-designed presentations, as detailed in this link: The problem is that they may not be equipped to actually show the presentation to candidates—let alone use them to convert.
Indeed, if you’re a real estate recruiter, it’s important to develop your presentation skills to ensure the success of your brokerage’s recruitment programs. Here are just a few reasons why:

You Can Present the Right Information at the Right Time


As a recruiter, you need to know the right time to present the right information. You can’t just open with your brokerage’s compensation plan, even if practically every real estate agent is looking for the most competitive commission split. Instead, you have to first develop rapport with the candidate, discover their needs, and what they want from a brokerage.
This way, all the information you present will be relevant to the candidate. As a result, they will be able to better appreciate the opportunity and how it can benefit them. Even more importantly, candidates will appreciate you not wasting their time and that you took great care not to overwhelm them with irrelevant details.

You Can Present Information More Clearly


Sometimes, the reason why real estate agents don’t ultimately accept your offer is that you weren’t able to get the message across clearly. Achieving this goal isn’t only dependent on how well you have crafted your message, but also on the way you conveyed it.
With carefully honed presentation skills and correct techniques, you’ll be able to transform your message into something more easily appreciable. You don’t need flowery words or a “techie” presentation if you’re able to express what you need to express in a straightforward manner.

You Can Keep the Candidate Engaged


One thing that can spell the difference between an interested candidate and an unimpressed one is their level of engagement. There may be times when your offer is the best one among many, but real estate agents still gravitate towards other brokerages. This may be because you, as the recruiter, weren’t able to keep the candidate’s attention long enough for them to recognize the value you offer.
By developing your presentation techniques, you’ll be able to better engage candidates. Instead of them being simple bystanders or an unresponsive audience, they become active participants in a two-way conversation. Indeed, candidates will feel more inclined to join your brokerage if you’re having a healthy discussion with them rather than if you’re simply talking to them.

You Can Anticipate Questions (or Criticisms)


You can expect real estate agents to have questions after you’ve stated your case. Of course, you both want a mutually beneficial arrangement; however, in the end, all candidates want what’s best for their career and their future. Thus, they will want to know for sure if your brokerage will be able to provide what they want in a job and a working environment.
Fortunately, if you have top-notch communication and presentation skills, you’ll be able to anticipate questions from candidates. You can then prepare yourself to answer these concerns in such a way that they will have no doubt that yours is the brokerage they should join.

You Can Be More Confident


Last but certainly not least, candidates also use their experience during the recruitment process to decide whether or not to accept your offer. What do you think a top-producing, in-demand real estate agent would choose: a brokerage represented by a confident recruiter or an uneasy, unprepared one? The answer is, of course, the former.
Of course, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous when you’re making a pitch to a candidate. The difference will be determined by your training. If you have good presentation skills, you can manage your jitters so that it won’t affect your performance. With just the right amount of confidence, you can come off as someone reputable and reliable; this can then reflect onto your brokerage and make it out to be a great choice for a real estate agent’s career.
The success of any real estate recruitment program depends on multiple factors, among them a recruiter’s skills. These include communication and presentation techniques, which are crucial to introducing the brokerage and what it can offer in the best possible light.
If you find yourself stumbling on this particular block, it may be time for you and your team to invest some resources into presentation skills training. Hopefully, the above-mentioned reasons are more than enough to convince you of its importance!


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