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Top Reasons You Have a Turnover Headache

Posted by Insightlink on 06/27/19

High turnover is a symptom your employees are struggling. Exactly what they are struggling with may be apparent or it may be a complete mystery. Either way, in order to even begin to address turnover, you have to know what is causing employees to leave.

The top 7 reasons that are most commonly identified in our employee research are:

1. Employees have more work than they can manage. They are simply worked to the bone.

2. Some employees are treated better than others. When one employee is allowed to work from home one day a week and no one else is, resentment is inevitable.

3. Employees don't usually work just for the money, but they do care they are being paid fairly. If they aren't, they will leave if a better opportunity comes along.

4. Work culture is strongly correlated with employee engagement and happiness, and research has proven over and over that employees don't work well in toxic cultures.

5. A bad boss drives good people away. People today expect to have a great manager.

6. Employees want career opportunities to advance their careers. If they aren't available they will look for another opportunity someplace else. A recent study by Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP found that the most profitable companies are actively cultivating current workers to fill future openings.

7. Employees don’t feel they matter, there is a sense they are being used to get the work done. The Wall Street Journal reports that employees want to feel a sense of belonging, to like their jobs and trust their managers to help them move on to a better one.

Employees are often reluctant to be honest with their employers for many reasons. The most common being fear of losing their job, of their supervisor finding out who said what and getting in trouble, and sometimes they have no hope that anything will change regardless of what they say because at some level they don’t believe you care what they think.
Changing employee’s perceptions of their workplace is a daunting challenge but also the path to positive change and it starts by giving employees a safe, confidential place to share that truth using an employee survey combined with a commitment from senior management to listen and take action.

Our mission at Insightlink is to help employers improve their workplaces. Soliciting honest feedback while protecting anonymity is the only way we can do that. All surveys we administer are completely confidential and anonymous and we guarantee that 100%. If we could not make that guarantee, we would not be in business. As a third party survey provider, it's our duty and our most important promise to employees and we take that responsibility very seriously.

If you are ready to get honest feedback from your employees and would like more information about conducting an employee survey we can help. You can check us out here or request a proposal with pricing here. Either way we hope you will be in touch.




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