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3 Ways Outdoor Training Can Benefit Your Workforce

Posted by Insightlink on 06/23/17

For many people, being at work can often be a tiresome, frustrating and mundane experience. Being stuck in an office all day and the health risks associated with this, along with having bad relationships with co workers and feeling unmotivated to complete tasks, are just some of leading causes of unsatisfied workers. In fact, according to The Conference Board, a New York based non profit organization, fewer than half of American workers are satisfied with their jobs. As a leader, what if there was something you could do to fix this?

Outdoor activities for the workforce is a great way to re-energize your team. Whether it's some simple activities in the park near your office, or an overnight camping trip, getting people outside and engaging in team exercises has a number of benefits. Check out just a few ways it can help your team and the success of your business overall.  

1. Improves Communication 

Team building exercises stay true to their name — they help people work with others and successfully execute tasks as a team. Working with other people involves a lot of patience, as well as learning how to engage with different personalities and understand people's strengths and weaknesses. By practicing these skills through outdoor activities such as team sports, problem solving games or even adventure tasks like two person kayaks, employees can learn about their fellow workers, get comfortable communicating with each other and understand what it takes to win as a group. You may even notice that people will learn about each other and form personal bonds that could be great for communication and productivity in the workplace.  

2. Reduces Stress and Increases Focus  

It is well known that being outdoors in the sun and engaging in physical activity is a great way to stimulate the brain. Not only does physical exertion reduce stress levels in the body, but being among nature is known to calm people and promote happiness. Exposure to the natural environment is actually one of the most trusted ways of achieving a mental boost and sharpening the mind. 

Try taking your employees outside of the office every now and then, and encourage fun and challenging activities. You could even make an afternoon of it by providing food and drinks afterwards, which will allow time for everyone to socialize. Not only will you see workers who are more focused in the workplace due to physical activity, but you may also notice people getting along better and enjoying time with the people they work with. This could yield rises in productivity and creativity as people are getting more enjoyment out of their work and the people around them.  

3. Increases Motivation  

Investing time and money in creating events and team building exercises sends a clear message to your staff, that you are interested in their development and happiness at work. Especially when you're taking teams on camping trips and extended activities, this takes time out of your schedule and money spent on the necessary equipment such as tents, food and other accessories. Noticing this commitment to them, workers are likely to reciprocate this by increasing their motivation and commitment in the workplace. Creating this relationship of give and take is a positive way to build morale and ensure people are satisfied at work. 

Fostering a healthy and happy environment work is crucial for any leader in the workplace. Outdoor activities and team bonding exercises are a great way to execute a productive workplace and ensure your employees are at their best when at work.


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