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What Will Your Office Look Like in 2030?

Posted by Insightlink on 09/27/17

Only in your wildest dreams would you have thought that offices would be full of bean bag chairs, ping pong tables and nap pods. Work spaces have been changing drastically in the last several years to catch up with the millennial lifestyle and technology. While some of these changes may be just the current trends, others look like they're here to stay. Let's take a closer look at what your office may look like in the next decade: 

Flexible Work Spaces

 Flexibility, agility and collaboration are some of the most important skills businesses have in the current marketplace. This means you need your work space to be just as accommodating. There is a lot of debate about open office spaces and if they promote or hinder employee efficiency. Open spaces are great for collaboration and team building, but they also can be distracting and noisy. The office of the future will have both open and closed working spaces where employees can work where they're most comfortable. Offices will have different types of rooms that adapt to the work being done instead of being rigid. You will not see boxy meeting rooms with one white board and some chairs, but rather spaces with a variety of materials, room to move around and even secluded spaces where people can get away to focus. 


Remote Work 

The office of the future may not be an office at all. Remote work is gaining popularity with both employers and employees. It gives employers the ability to hire the best people no matter where they live, provides employees with more flexibility to work from where they're most comfortable and have a better work-life balance. Many businesses are only paying for co-working spaces where their employees can come in for meetings and collaborative tasks and then work from home, a coffee shop or even on vacation. With technology becoming more and more mobile, this trend is likely to continue and expand as employees are able to do more on the go


Business Security 

Security is another evolving piece of technology in the business world. Instead of having security guards and patrols to protect your building, you'll have security systems with cameras, alarms and smart integrations. For example, you'll be able to check in on your office through your smartphone, see who has entered and exited your building and be alerted if there's a problem. Security cameras will be equipped for any type of weather and be able to see in the dark. 

Internet security is just as important as physical security in the technological age. All of your business documents, data and information will be stored in multiple locations via the cloud to ensure it is never lost or destroyed. You also will have more advanced ways to access your information, such as biometrics and two-step verification. This will protect your from hackers, viruses and other types of intrusions. 



Businesses are stepping up when it comes to being more eco-friendly and healthy for their employees. One of the most prevalent trends is bringing the outdoors inside the office. Offices are going beyond wimpy desk plants and trees in the corners of rooms to really embrace nature. Many office spaces include outdoor areas where you can hold meetings or go to relax. Your office also may have indoor gardens to purify the air and bring a sense of tranquility into your work space. You also may want to look into LEED-certified buildings and other environmentally friendly ways to make your business more sustainable for a healthier future.


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