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More People Are Quitting Their Jobs and That's Good News

Posted by Insightlink on 11/19/14

The title of a recent CNN article sparks good vibes in the employment community and speaks to the state of the American economy. It reads, Good news: More people are quitting their jobs.

This means if you are not engaged at work and are unhappy with your job, the time has never been better for you to go in search of the job you really want. And, when do, you will become one of millions of Americans who are voluntarily quitting their jobs at the fastest rate since 2008.

A high quit rate is good news because people don’t quit ordinarily unless they are confident they will find a new job or they have already got a new job in hand. In fact, Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chair, has identified these quit rates as a progress marker for returning to a healthy labor market, reports Reuters.

Confidence in the job market has been low for more than five years but recently the U.S. Labor Department reported that 2.8 million workers, or 2% of U.S. employees, voluntarily left their jobs in September — the fastest rate since 2008. In fact this year is expected to have the highest rate of job gains since 1999.

The number of people leaving their jobs voluntarily also dwarfs the 1.6 million who were forced to quit their jobs due to layoffs or terminations. The rate of those being fired has stayed very steady for the last two years.
The report also showed 4.7 million job openings in September, near the 13-year high the economy reached in August.

If this is good for employees it is not good for employers, since the cost to replace employees is high. Now would be a good time to consider taking steps to ensure you have good relations with your employees, so they don’t leave in the first place. And it all starts by implementing a survey so you know where you stand and can gain the insight you need to make change.

Find out if your employees are satisfied and happy with their jobs. For more information or to learn more about Insightlink's 4Cs Survey Methodology for measuring and tracking employee engagement, please call us at 866-802-8095 ext. 705 or email today.

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