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6 Ways To Keep Your Employees Results-Driven

Posted by Insightlink on 12/02/22

A company is nothing without its employees. After all, they are the cornerstone of every organization. But sometimes, workers end up lacking motivation due to various reasons – lack of rewards, unclear communication, and so much more. That’s why every company must focus on keeping its employees motivated. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to keeping workers results-driven, rather you need to employ a variety of solutions to help them consistently stay on top of the game. There are several ways you can do this, here’s how:  

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Reward Employees For Hard Work

There’s no better way to keep your employees motivated than by rewarding them fairly. Rewards may come in different forms. It could be a treat for dinner at their favorite restaurant or giving out cash rewards for excellent job performances. Even verbal recognition works! For big accomplishments, you might even want to consider a job promotion. These incentives greatly motivate employees because it’s proof that their work is being recognized. Without these rewards, workers would lack the motivation to deliver results. The next time you see an employee getting a job well done, don’t forget to pat them on the back to acknowledge their efforts.   

Foster A Collaborative Environment

No man is an island. For a company to be successful, teamwork is key. That means working with everyone, whether that is within a team or with other departments. Creating a work environment that encourages collaboration is a plus when it comes to motivating employees. Ask for their opinions or advice when you encounter problems. Letting them know that their voices are heard shows that their opinions are valued, and this is a great way for them to stay motivated in the workplace. Another option to boost team morale is to set up team-building activities outside the workplace. Go for a game of paintball or even a trivia party, it’s the perfect way to loosen up from your days at work. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Like in all kinds of relationships, communication is key. For managers, that means being clear about your goals. Ask yourself some questions. Are there specific targets that you have to hit? What approach are you taking to solve this problem? Employees must have clarity on what they have to do and how to get there. Not doing so will only lead to sub-par results. When the message isn’t clear, workers could end up dissatisfied and unmotivated. And especially for remote workers who you don’t get to talk to in person, support for their well-being is important when communication is more difficult online. Without a doubt, managers who communicate effectively have more engaged teams to easily achieve desired outcomes. 

Praise In Public, Criticize In Private

The last thing employees would want to hear from their boss is negative feedback, more so when colleagues are present. The best way to provide feedback is through a one-on-one meeting or an email. But when you feel like your employees have exceeded your expectations for a specific task. For instance, it’s worth praising them publicly for exceeding the sales targets or delivering an outstanding presentation. If you haven’t considered this yet, going for this approach could help employees maintain their excellent performance. 

Schedule Individual Meetings 

When was the last time you had a one-on-one meeting with your employees? Many would probably forget that regular individual meetings are crucial in building employer-employee relationships. It’s important to know that employees are human beings, too. They have their own lives, aspirations, and priorities outside their long days at work. Getting to know what matters to them is one way to keep them results-driven. At the same time, talk about their strengths and other areas of improvement. These kinds of talks show that you care. And for an employee to stay motivated, maintaining this kind of relationship is essential

Encourage Learning and Development 

Related to the previous point, it helps to know your employees on a personal level. While professional development is important in their careers, personal development shouldn’t be left out. Know their interests and passions. From this, determine if there are other areas in the companies that they would like to contribute to. By getting to know them, you can personalize training programs that suit their interests and learning styles. That way, they get the most out of their learning experiences. 

If you want employees to grow professionally, consider training them according to their interests. For example, if a worker wants to improve their project management skills, enroll them in a project management course. Or, send them to a conference to expand their knowledge in a field they’re interested in. By targeting both professional and personal development, employees gain a sense of fulfillment and in turn, deliver.  

The Takeaway

In essence, the employees are one of the main pillars of any organization. By learning how to keep them motivated, meeting your company’s goals will be a lot easier. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “good job” or clarity in communicating with your employees. The result of all these? A thriving company. 



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