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4Cs Blog: Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Posted by Insightlink on 08/19/13

The Value of Employee Surveys

The value of employee surveys is almost immeasurable. Knowing the overall satisfaction rate of your employees will not only help you become a better boss, it will help the success of your business. Through an anonymous survey, you can give your employees the chance to speak their minds and tell the truth about how they feel about their jobs. With this information in hand, you can find areas of weakness in your business -- and make them stronger.

Let’s face it – the chances of your workers coming to you and telling you their concerns are slim. They may be afraid of losing their jobs, or they may be afraid that you will make their jobs more difficult. So, they will keep their issues locked up inside – until they find a better job and leave your business for good. You do not want to be known as an employer that cannot keep good help on staff. You want to be known as an employer that cares about your workers.

You want to be the employer that everyone wants to work for and that no one ever leaves. Insightlink Communications can help you achieve this with our employee surveys. You can give your employees our surveys and find out how happy or unhappy they are with their jobs. Then, you can make whatever changes you deem necessary to make them happier. Happy employees are productive employees – and productivity improves your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about how helpful our surveys can be to the overall success of your business.  

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Posted by Insightlink on 08/19/13

Use an Employee Satisfaction Survey to Evaluate Employees

As a business owner, it is important for you to evaluate your overall operations on a regular basis. You need to evaluate everything, from office procedures, to employee satisfaction. Evaluating all aspects of your business, including your workers, will help give you a well-rounded picture of your business. It will help you determine areas that need improvement and areas that are just fine the way they are right now.

An employee satisfaction survey from Insightlink Communications is the ideal way to evaluate your employees and their overall satisfaction rate. You may not realize what an impact employee satisfaction has on your business – but it has a huge impact. When your employees are not happy with their jobs, they will actively look for other work. As soon as they find something better, they will leave you without notice.

This means that you will be forced to find someone else qualified to do the job, train that person, and start all over again. If you do not make any changes to keep your workers happy, this new person will eventually leave your business, too. It can become a never-ending cycle of employees quitting, and you hiring new employees. With a satisfaction survey, you can pinpoint areas in which your workers are not satisfied.

Once you know which areas need improvement, you can start making changes. The changes will help keep your workers happy and keep them content with staying at their jobs. It is a win-win situation for everyone – you have happy, committed workers, and your employees have a job that they love. Contact us today to learn more about our surveys.  

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Posted by Insightlink on 08/16/13

Disengaged Employees Affect Your Business Success

As you go through the day-to-day operations of running your business, you may find yourself overlooking one important aspect – your employees. The overall satisfaction of your employees has a direct impact on the success of your business. Think of it like this – if you are spending more time training new employees because you cannot keep employees on staff, then that is time taken away from the operation of your business.

You will not have time to focus on improving the operation of your business, so you will not be able to make changes to keep your employees happy. Then, the next round of employees will quit, and you will be back to square one. Disengaged employees can have a huge effect on the overall success of your business, so it is up to you to make sure your workers are happy. You can find out the satisfaction rate of your employees through the use of our employee surveys.

Our surveys will give your workers a chance to reveal how they feel about their jobs. They will not have to worry about upsetting you, because they will be taking an anonymous survey. You can find out which areas of operations need improvement, and which areas are making your workers happy. These are answers you need to help you ensure the success of your business. Once you make the necessary changes, you can start focusing on your business, again, instead of having to train new employees. Contact us today to learn more about our employee surveys, so you can start making needed changes.  

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Posted by Insightlink on 08/08/13

Why You Should Offer an Employee Morale Survey

As a business owner, you have a lot on your shoulders. You have to make sure that you follow all rules and regulations when it comes to the operation of your business. You also have to make sure that you keep your employees happy. Unhappy employees are not productive employees. When your employees are not happy with their jobs, they will leave just as soon as they get a chance. You want your employees to stay with your company as long as possible.

Employees that are happy are employees that care, and they will stay with your company. So, how do you find out if your employees are happy, and how do you keep them happy? The answer is with an employee morale survey. Here at Insightlink Communications, we specialize in creating morale surveys for companies to give to their employees. These surveys use a series of questions to find out how your workers feel about their jobs.

If they are unhappy, the survey will uncover the reasons why. If they are happy, the survey will find out what makes them happy. Once you know why they are unhappy or happy, you can start implementing changes to ensure that ALL of your employees feel the same – happy and satisfied with their jobs. Productivity will improve, and your bottom line will feel the effects. Contact us today to learn more about our morale surveys and find out how you can arrange to have your employees take one of our helpful, revealing surveys – your business depends on the happiness and satisfaction of your workers.  

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Posted by Insightlink on 08/08/13

Reasons Why an Employee Satisfaction Survey Can Be Useful

There are many reasons why you should think about giving your employees an employee satisfaction survey.

First, you need to gauge their satisfaction with their jobs. Knowing the areas in which your employees are happy, as well as the areas that they feel need improvement, can help you make needed changes to the operation of your business.

Second, knowing which employees are completely happy with their jobs can give you a goal to reach for – you want ALL of your employees to eventually be completely satisfied with their jobs. Knowing how your workers honestly feel about their jobs provides you with valuable insight that you need.

Sure, you can simply ask your employees how they feel, but the chances of getting honest answers are slim. Employees are usually not comfortable telling their bosses if they are unhappy on the job. They are often afraid that showing dissatisfaction could cause them to lose a job that they need. So, they tend to keep their feelings to themselves. With a survey, you can find out the truth about their feelings. They can reveal their honest answers without worrying about possible repercussions. The relationship balance between an employer and an employee is a delicate one. You must approach any changes with care.

The first step to making needed the changes necessary to help your business succeed starts with knowing and understanding your employees.

Insightlink Communications can help you know and understand your employees through the use of our surveys. Contact us today to learn more about our surveys and the many benefits they offer.  

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Posted by Insightlink on 08/01/13

Be the Right Kind of Boss with Employee Surveys

As a business owner, you understand that there is more to a successful business than just having a good product or service. Running a successful business means taking care of your employees. It means giving them a safe, comfortable working environment. It means paying them a fair wage and providing them with necessary benefits. Sometimes, even the employer with the best of intentions can fail to give employees what they need to keep them happy on the job.

Happy employees are productive employees. The question is, how can you find out whether you have happy employees or not? The answer lies in employee surveys. The surveys offered by Insightlink Communications are designed specifically to determine the satisfaction of employees.

Through the use of carefully-worded questions, our surveys can help you find out the areas of improvement that your employees long to see. Understanding how your employees feel about their jobs and what their reasoning is can go a long way. You can be the boss that truly cares about your workers, the boss that wants to give employees what they need, rather than always being focused on your own needs. When you become the caring boss, your employees will start to care about you. They will care about your success and your business. They will work harder because they care.

To find out if your employees are satisfied with their jobs, contact us today to learn more about our surveys. With the truth staring you right in the eye, you will finally be able to become the kind of boss people want to work with on a daily basis.  

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