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Posted by Insightlink on 02/21/22

Innovative Recruiting Strategies to Implement in 2022

Employing new people is always an exciting and adventurous process for every company, and it’s all about bringing someone new to the team that might make a real difference in the future. However, not just anyone will do, which is why finding the perfect person for each position is simply a must. This won’t be easy, though, and that’s why using some of the most helpful and effective recruiting strategies you can find is always a good way to go. In case that’s something you’d like to do in 2022 as well, here are a few suggestions to consider.

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Posted by Insightlink on 02/17/22

Case closed: Happier workers are more successful workers.

In a massive study (looking at nearly one million people), conducted by some of the biggest names in positive psychology, and crystal clear in its conclusions: Being happier dramatically increases your chances of success at work. So next time you're tempted to push pursuing happiness into the future, remind yourself the latest science says happiness brings success and not the other way around. 

The research, which recently appeared in the Journal of Happiness Studies (yes, this really exists) and was summed up by its authors in an MIT Sloan Management Review article, starts from a simple question. What comes first, success or happiness? Does being successful make you happy or does being happy make you successful? 
To find out, the team--Paul Lester, Ed Diener, and Martin Seligman (who is often dubbed "the father of positive psychology")--set out to collect a huge amount of data. To do so they looked to the world's largest employer: the military. The researchers worked with the U.S. Army to follow nearly one million soldiers over five years, measuring both their well-being upon entering the army and their performance over time.
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Posted by Insightlink on 02/16/22

Why You Should Automate Leave Management At Your Company

Leaves are an important part of your employees’ mental and physical health. It’s no surprise that requests for it come regularly. However, the process can get a bit hectic for most HR departments. From emergencies to holidays, HR can easily get swamped with requests for leaves, adding to the pile of the other tasks they already have to contend with. 

When dealing with the very important task of paid time off,  mistakes and rushing are a no-go, no matter how many requests you receive. Thankfully, leave management isn’t as difficult as it was before, thanks to the power of automation. Today, let’s talk about the benefits of automating your leave management process.
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Posted by Insightlink on 02/16/22

The Importance of Clear Messaging When Shifting COVID-19 Screening and Prevention Strategies

Our nation’s ability to provide clear and concise information regarding COVID-19 has been strained at best and at absolutely chaotic at worse. Part of the problem is that science takes time to research, verify and establish the best practices for mitigating the spread. This leads to a lack of a definitive consensus, which erodes the trust and confidence in established institutions. 

We’ve learned much since the first few chaotic months of the pandemic and many industries have adjusted to the ‘new normal’ that we find ourselves enduring. If there is one thing business owners can learn from this entire experience is that they need to be clear and concise with their communication when implementing new policies.
This post is going to explore strategies for delivering clear and concise messaging to your employees. Though these tips are geared towards navigating the changing landscape of the pandemic, the strategies discussed in this article are useful when implementing any procedural or structural change to your business.
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Posted by Insightlink on 02/11/22

Hiring a Freelancer: The Tax implications for Recruiting Freelancers

It is no secret that several businesses are using independent contractors or freelancers for their work. This trend is even more prevalent than before. One of the researches conducted in 2015 has indicated that more than 50 million Americans are doing some kind of freelancing work. Although this is great news for solo proprietors, there is one reminder for these employers, there are some tax implications involved in hiring freelancers. You need to prepare and plan for this with your tax advisor.

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Posted by Insightlink on 02/08/22

Taking a Holistic Approach to Employee Safety

Every year, millions of employees file workers’ compensation claims due to workplace incidents. Though workers’ compensation is a no-fault system — meaning workers can file a claim without needing to prove fault — many of the incidents that occur are the result of poor management and a lack of employee safety

Though many industries have high safety standards and good leadership to help mitigate accidents, employees continue to get sick and hurt from work performed on the job. In recent years, experts have come together to discuss why this is and what can be done to better address employee safety. They concluded that the issue with workplace health and safety is that it takes a narrow approach, primarily addressing only physical risk factors one at a time.
To test this theory, the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) is looking into addressing workplace safety through a more holistic approach. They believe that worker health and safety is about total body health, which means taking steps to address issues other than physical risks. 
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