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Posted by Insightlink on 05/17/21

9 Tips For Recruiting in the Healthcare Field

Finding a job can be stressful, but looking for employees can cause just as much anxiety. There is pressure on the recruiter to find the right candidate with the qualifications for the job and fits in with the rest of the current staff.

The healthcare field has different challenges than other industries as many of the applicants are well qualified with degrees and certifications. Knowing what your company needs and understanding the realities of the jobs are essential for finding the right candidate.

Here are 9 tips for recruiting in the healthcare field:


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Posted by Insightlink on 04/29/21

5 Reasons Why DIY Employee Surveys Are Bad Practice

  I recently came across an article on with an intriguing headline.

Jeff Bezos says 94% of Amazon workers would recommend their job to a friend.

Bullshit, I thought. In over 20 years of surveying employees on their job satisfaction we have never, ever encountered a score anywhere close to that high for that particular question. How on earth could Amazon then? Turns out it's not so rosy as it might appear. The number comes from an internal survey of employees, and Amazon, like many companies these days have decided to conduct the survey themselves in-house. The article goes on to explain it:

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said warehouse employees like working for his company so much that “94% say they would recommend Amazon to a friend as a place to work.” But some of his own employees aren’t buying that statistic.

The 94 percent number was gleaned from an employee survey program at Amazon called Connections, which asks Amazon employees to answer a single question each day before they can start working on their company computer or their warehouse workstation. Bezos cited the stat in mid-April in his final letter to shareholders as Amazon’s CEO.

But in interviews with Recode over the past two weeks, a half-dozen Amazon employees and managers, two of whom are familiar with the inner workings of the Connections program, said that many Amazon employees have widespread concerns about the Connections program and the accuracy of its data and insights.

There's a simple explanantion why Amazon employees have concerns. If this survey is being conducted by in-house HR, then it's not anonymous. And if workers believe they are being tracked and their responses are monitored by HR they simply will not be honest. As I wrote in a LinkedIn post a few years ago, anonymity is critical for the success of any  kind of employee feedback system. That's still true today, even with the proliferation of DIY survey tools out there, using a trusted 3rd party to conduct your employee survey is the only way to guarantee that you are getting accurate data.


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Posted by Insightlink on 04/29/21

Ways to Communicate Effectively With Your Foreign Remote Workers

Effective communication is mandatory for employers who want to keep their foreign remote workers informed, supported, and motivated enough to be optimally engaged and productive. It helps develop a sense of belonging and nurtures teamwork among team members who don’t get enough in-person interactions, if at all. Follow these 5 tips if you are looking for ways to communicate as effectively as possible with your foreign remote workers.

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Posted by Insightlink on 04/28/21

Move Your Business in These Six Simple Steps

As your business grows, so does the need for space; this is to accommodate your staff and allow easy execution of services. Regardless of the size of your organization, you still have to encounter many challenges. This is why you need the right movers and carefully noted down lists on what to be done. As a business owner, the moving decision does not only affect you but the staff as well. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to move your business to your destined place that will be suitable to all involved parties.

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Posted by Insightlink on 04/27/21

Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website

Finding a job isn't easy. Although there are plenty of job openings everywhere in the world, finding a job doesn't seem to go as smoothly as it may sound. Moreover, people want a good job that provides stability and security aside from a good salary.

Not only that, but a suitable work environment and work conditions are also very desirable. After all, if you're supposed to work for the majority of your life, why not do something that you'll actually enjoy? However, the more preferences people have, the more difficult it becomes to find an ideal job.
The competition seems to be strong, and companies tend to be picky. Still, there are plenty of things you can do to make your search more seamless and efficient. Creating a personal website, for example, is one of them.
The fact of the matter is that you will need every advantage you can get your hands on, so why not promote yourself the best way possible? With that in mind, here are a few reasons why every job seeker should have a personal website.


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Posted by Insightlink on 04/16/21

5 Tips to Find a Job in Accounting and Ensure Professional Success

When there’s a business, there’s a need for an accountant. It’s nice to work in a field where you know you’re always wanted and needed, and rest assured, professional and experienced accountants will always be in high demand around the world. This creates a sense of security in knowing that you’ll always have ample opportunities to choose from no matter the socio-economic and market trends.

That said, it’s also important to know that this is a saturated and competitive field, so you need to differentiate yourself and appeal to the modern employers. Some employers will also invest in new accountants and create a learning path for you so that you can become a part of the company quickly.
With that in mind, becoming an accountant is not difficult, but becoming a successful and respected accountant is a challenge. Let’s take a look at what it takes to find a job in accounting and how you can ensure long-term professional success in this field.
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