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Posted by Insightlink on 04/08/21

Top Training Tips that Translate to Business Success

It is said that If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result. As a business, if there are no changes in the working process, there will be no change in the output of workers. One proven way to improve the quality of work done in a business is by training workers (both old and new). Businesses have to schedule training for their workers to improve their skills which will make them work better and in general, bring more success for the business.


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Posted by Insightlink on 04/07/21

Technology Strategies For Your Business Solutions

There is a growing number of small businesses that rely on technology-based solutions to improve their business strategies. These solutions can be incorporated into the business model to improve its core function areas such as marketing, customer engagement and product development. When you include innovative technological approaches to enhance your business solutions, you can gain competitive advantage over your competitors.

While you may have some technology based approaches in place, you may require more information to ensure that you continuously boost your business performance both online and offline. But how can your business do this effectively? Below, we have provided you with several technology-based approaches that you can implement in your business strategy to supercharge its lifespan. 


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Posted by Insightlink on 04/01/21

The Next Thing to Pursue In 2021

The year is still new and fresh so there is time to come up with a list of things that you intend to accomplish. You could also reflect on what you failed to pursue last year and make it your top priority in 2021 rather than compiling New Year resolutions. It is by establishing such goals that you become focused throughout the year. Well, for those of you who lack ideas on what you can do, this article is for you. Here are four items that you can purpose to do in 2021:

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Posted by Insightlink on 03/23/21

3 Top Tips for Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing isn't all that different from other forms of marketing. You are targeting potential hires instead of customers. You can use plenty of the same advertising tactics, but there are some caveats. 

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Posted by Insightlink on 03/23/21

Fun Ways to Recognize Employee Accomplishments

Getting good employees hired can be tough and then hanging onto them can be even harder. Gone are the days where someone would work for the same company for their entire life. Competition in every hiring space has made it possible for most people to find nearly any job they want if they do their homework, which means that it can be tough to keep up with the turnover in your workforce.

If you are tired of losing good employees to other companies, it’s probably time to make a change in your employee-appreciation plans. Employees who feel appreciated are much more likely to stay at a job long-term. If you are looking for some fun ways to make sure your employees feel valued and at home, read on for some great ideas to get you started!

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Posted by Insightlink on 03/22/21

4 Easy Changes To Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the world of work has changed in more ways than you can imagine.
Numerous businesses, companies and organisations throughout the globe have been left with no choice but to alter their approach, establishing remote working networks for their employees to utilise, and rethinking the way in which they offer their products or services.
As a result of this, 2021 offers an opportunity for these businesses and their employees to make the most of this new working model.
But, if you’re a business owner, manager or member of a leadership team, how exactly can you ensure your team are working as productively as possible? And, with so many changes to consider – from the mental health ramifications of remote working to the sudden movement towards virtual onboarding – how can you keep them readily engaged with the work they’re doing?
Well, that’s where we can help.
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