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Business Growth Strategies Tips To Improve Your Workforce Management

Posted by Insightlink on 12/28/16

As your company grows, workforce management should become top priority. It is a challenging yet crucial facet of your operation, that grows in complexity as demographics shift and technology advances over time. You must thoroughly gather and analyze data to make informed choices about recruiting, retention, productivity, performance and engaging employees. Also, keep in mind the best resources and tools that will support your management goals. Here are some tips for business growth strategies, in regards to workforce management:




You must make sure your workforce is composed of creative, motivated, intelligent individuals who can fit into your company and also work toward its improvement. Enhance the composition of your team through strategic recruiting. First, you must identify your People Brand — ask yourself, “why should people want to work for me?” As you begin to answer this question, you will see certain attributes and values emerge, which can then be combined to figure out your ideal, like-minded candidate. With an established People Brand, your recruitment team can make informed decisions about the candidates they seek out and pursue.




Keep track of your attrition and retention rates so you don’t experience frequent turnover. Turnover is negative in the sense that your investment in your employees' growth doesn’t pan out to benefit your company long-term. All the time and resources you invest in training, compensation and employee engagement are lost once they leave the company. However, turnover can also be a good thing and help you in the long-run. Pay attention to who is leaving based on their personality and performance. Are they not fitting into the company culture? Is their work sub-par? Or are they one of the best employees you’ve had? Keep track of these nuances, as they will help you to make adjustments to recruiting, training, compensation and employee engagement.


Productivity and Performance


Efficiency and expediency are a winning combination for company productivity. Keep your employees engaged and on-track with time tracking tools. Find apps or software that provides project management functionality, a built-in billing system, capabilities of tracking multiple projects with billing rate differentiation, and has adept features for scheduling. AccountSight, Journyx and LiquidPlanner are programs that are user-friendly and help you keep track of project costs and employee productivity. You can also track productivity through profitability. Keep track of how much revenue each employee brings in, so you can see if there are any discrepancies in their performance or the management of their products. Your findings will help you track the ratio of results versus value, within each employee. This metric data will also help you analyze monetary loss when an employee leaves the company.


Engaging Employees


If your employees are disengaged, they will lack the motivation required to be an productive and proficient member of your company. With a little guidance and provision of resources from management, you can bolster employee engagement. You should provide convenient and manageable software that will motivate your team to perform at their highest potential. This is an important aspect of your company — investment in employee engagement tools and methods will keep employees happy and help your business thrive. There are also many connections between employee happiness and customer satisfaction. Through employee accommodation, you will help keep your agents engaged in their customer-based work, thus enhancing the reputation and value of your company.


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