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Improving the Employee Experience: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Office

Posted by Insightlink on 11/05/19

The layout of an office space can have a huge impact on the productivity levels of staff. Research suggests that employees are more likely to be engaged with their work and less likely to leave their job role in an office space that prioritises collaboration and efficiency.
That’s why in this article, the experts at Jaquar are discussing a number of ways that employers can optimise their office. From encouraging wellness schemes by installing showering facilities to enhancing creativity with your office interior, we’ll offer a blueprint to optimising your office space keeping employee retention at the forefront of your design.
Encourage wellness schemes
Research has shown that employees who undertake regular exercise are much more productive than those who don’t. So, as an employer, encouraging staff to walk, cycle or even run to work could have many benefits for both the mental health of your staff, and the business as a whole.
One of the easiest ways to promote a healthy lifestyle is to install showering facilities in your building or if you rent your office premises, choose a space with onsite showers and changing rooms to make incorporating exercise into employees’ daily routine easier. After all, if there’s the option to shower in the office, arriving at work sweaty won’t mean feeling unpleasant all day.
As a general rule, those who exercise before work are likely to arrive earlier and prepare themselves ahead of their day sooner, leaving them confident and ready to start work. Ultimately, when workers are more productive, this naturally has a knock on effect to your businesses revenue, too.
Promote workforce mobility
With more businesses offering flexible working hours and the option to work from home, it’s time to adapt the office to this new style of working. While traditional office environments assigned a desk to each person, many companies are now trailing ‘hoteling’, where desks are no longer permanently assigned. Instead, they’re claimed as and when employees are coming into the office depending on their schedule and work preferences. A great way to track this is by monitoring your office occupancy, and taking note of any significant patterns which correlate with certain days or times, and adjust your office layout accordingly.
To make transferring data for remote work easier, purchase smartphones or tablets which can be used on the move to facilitate workplace communications and access to documents remotely. This way, employees can stay engaged with their work wherever they are, without having to be in the office. As the concept of a physical office being the hub of creativity is slowly being replaced by a mobile workspace, it’s essential that employees are able to take the office with them. Giving your staff the ability to collaborate with team members remotely through shared calendars, remote access to shared company drives and more could have endless benefits for your business.
Drive creative thinking
When your employees hit a wall with their ideas, a clinical white office walls aren’t likely to promote a free-flow of information. On the same note, small, dark offices can often feel draining. With this in mind, brightening up work areas with a splash of colour or some wall art is more likely to help the creative juices flow.
Blue is a popular choice for office wall colours for its calming effect, as is yellow which can promote a happier mood. While darker colours can give a professional impression, it can be a little overwhelming if all the walls are covered with dark hues. If you’re unable to paint your walls, use posters or decorative wall art to inject colour into the space. Combine these colours with some greenery or potted plants to bring a natural feel into the office, which is sure to divert from a clinical vibe.
The more clutter in your office, the less space that there’ll be to work in. To combat this, introduce a weekly desk tidy, and ask staff members to consider what they actually need on their desk. The better your office is organised towards the needs of your staff, the more likely it is to be optimised for efficiency and productivity. To make personalise desks you could even encourage them to bring in photos or decorative items to make working at their desk a little more inviting and inspiring.
employee experience
Redesigning your office space can have a huge impact on employee retention and engagement. So, with our tips, we hope you’ll be on your way to optimising your working environment with productivity and employee satisfaction at the forefront of your design - ensuring your employees are always performing at their best. 
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