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Why HR Should Continue Using Video Interviews

Posted by Insightlink on 07/21/21

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our world in many ways, especially how we work. Among the changes was the realization that it was no longer necessary to be in a physical office to conduct business effectively, and that went for the human resources department as well. The use of video was a big part of this revolution as many HR professionals began interviewing candidates online so they could continue to keep their companies fully staffed.
Now that vaccines are making the rounds, many companies are returning to the office, but even if most aspects of our jobs return to normal, video interviews should remain the standard. There are many benefits of video interviews to both HR teams and potential candidates, including easier access to a more diverse workforce and improved ease of use across the board. Let’s look at why companies should continue this trend.
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More Convenient for HR
One of the most significant benefits of video interviews is the time and extra effort that is saved by HR representatives. For instance, since video interviews can be scheduled and held at almost any time, there is less planning required to go back and forth with potential candidates to find the time to bring them into the office and then sit down for a formal interview. When the meeting can occur on something as simple as a smartphone, then the interview can be scheduled for any part of the day, which is great for both parties.
When an in-person interview is at the mercy of the candidate’s schedule, then HR is limited on how many people they can interview each day, which draws out the process and prevents the company from getting the people they need promptly. With video interviews, connection time is typically instant and the interviews can be held back-to-back, which means that human resources can get through everyone they want to see in one day.
The process of setting up and having in-person interviews can be so time-consuming that HR can be taken away from other important tasks that are just as much, if not more urgent. Your HR team is also likely responsible for writing and reviewing policies and procedures, employee training, tracking compensation and benefits, and more. If your most experienced HR employees aren’t completing these tasks because they are spending all day scheduling and meeting people in person, then other aspects of your company can suffer.
Just as Productive
Not only can video interviews save time, but they can be just as productive as holding the interviews in person. One reason that this is the case is due to one-way interviews where the candidate logs on, is presented with several pre-recorded questions, and is then prompted to provide their best answer. An HR representative doesn’t even need to be present during this portion and they can listen to the recordings later to determine which candidates should be scheduled for a second interview.
When it comes to live, face-to-face video interviews, HR can still ask the tough questions that they could when speaking to a candidate in person. Some common interview questions that can really gauge an employee's worth over video include those that require the individual to think back on previous experiences, such as asking what their past co-workers would think of them and what they disliked the most about their past positions. The interviewer can gauge the response and follow up as needed or move on.
Human resources can also determine a candidate's personality over video as easily as they would when sitting across the table from them in real life. In addition to observing a person’s demeanor and personality by watching them, HR can also send out business and personality assessments to get a better overall understanding of the candidates. Since you know that the person is already actively on their computer, an assessment can be provided right after the call has ended so you can get all the information you need from the individual in one shot.
Hire a Wider Variety of Candidates
Possibly the best aspect of continuing to interview people over video is the ability to reach out to a more diverse applicant pool than ever before. When a company only conducts in-person interviews then they are generally limited to a select group of people who live around that area. Even if you are interested in a candidate that lives far away, the expenses involved in flying them out and putting them up in a hotel can be crushing, especially if they turn out to not be the right fit for the position.
If your company employs a remote workforce of people who can work from anywhere, and you can interview them from wherever they live, then you are opening up your positions to diverse groups who may not have had the opportunity to interview with your organization in the past. Think about those who live in rural areas without access to transportation or people who live in other parts of the country where job opportunities are limited. You can hire those people when you are using a digital work environment and interview process.
Diversity is key in our modern world and if your company can bring in people from all backgrounds and situations, then you are doing your business a big favor. A diverse staff provides many benefits, including a boost in creativity and improved customer service as different employees with unique viewpoints can provide strategies and improvements that can help your company thrive. Without different perspectives, a company cannot really grow and evolve. 


As you can see, there are many advantages to keeping video interviews as the standard practice during your onboarding processes. The benefits to your organization both inside and out are well worth the shot.
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