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Posted by Insightlink on 05/20/14

Anyone who has ever been an employee – or managed one – knows that there are many elements that contribute to a satisfying work experience. Because at Insightlink, we continuously conduct employee surveys for organizations across a range of industries, sizes and countries, we have a finely tuned sense of those elements. As a result we know how much and in what ways HR initiatives, programs and policies can move the needle on the key drivers of employee satisfaction.

For example, our research shows that the #1 driver in the US that determines job satisfaction, is having work that is satisfying, enjoyable and respected yet slightly more than 6 out of 10 employees actually feel this way. This represents a real opportunity for HR to influence job satisfaction but what are the best ways to make a positive impact on employees?  Here are just a few suggestions:

1.   Know where your organization currently stands and then make a commitment to plan for change as well as to invest in the tools and resources required to create change. Consider implementing an Employee Satisfaction Survey to benchmark your staff, then devise a plan.

2.   Make caring your mantra. Talk to people, learn everything you can about your employees, put yourself in their shoes and be honest about areas that need attention and improving. For example does your company censure mobile phones and use firewalls? Perhaps you should leverage that technology and enable it to your advantage and theirs. You may lose the respect and trust of many employees if you don’t find a way to embrace mobile in your workplace. Statistics show that that almost 70% of Americans will soon own a smartphone and they use them 24/7.

3.   See the person not the employee. Begin by changing your vocabulary through simple words like ‘please, thank you, and well done’. Show you care through words and actions because when you care about someone they will care in return.

Our advice based on years of experience helping companies transform themselves is to know where you stand in real-time using a meaningful employee survey so you have the facts to evaluate where you are so that you can plan where you need to go.

Contact us at Insightlink Communications to find out more about employee satisfaction surveys and how we can help you start to make work a better place.

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