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How to Spot a Liar in a Job Interview

Posted by Insightlink on 06/08/15

Recent Study Shows People Lie More Often Than You Might Guess

Most people lie to get a job. Surprising? New research from the University of Guelph showed that out of 100 people surveyed 94% admitted to lying in a job interview. That’s more than the people in our office would have guessed…. It is such an honor to be the chosen one yet chances are this very same person could be filling out an Exit survey soon after they start because they really were never qualified to do the job in the first place. Or, just as bad, they become unhappy in the job in the long run because it was never really the job they were meant to have.

To avoid unnecessary turnover employers, who are often unable to detect deceit, can use key behavioural cues to help them determine if a job candidate is being truthful to help them choose the truly best candidate. Leann Schneider, a PhD student in psychology; Prof. Deborah Powell, Department of Psychology from the University of Guelph and Prof. Nicolas Roulin, Human Resource Management at the University of Manitoba recommend a few key cues to watch for in your next interview.

Cues to watch out for include:

- Talks too much

Those who smiled less and talked more were more likely to be lying. The researchers were surprised to find that those who appeared less anxious tended to be more dishonest. “That’s really different from what you would expect,” says Schneider.

- Appears nervous

Nervousness could be a good sign. Schneider advises employers to look beyond an applicant’s nervousness because it may actually indicate honesty. “Don’t write someone off if they’re looking anxious during the interview,” she says. “It may not necessarily mean that they’re a poor person for the job.”

- Listen carefully

Focus more on what a person is saying rather than focusing on their facial expressions, gestures or body language, which could be misleading.

- Take a test

Don’t just use an interview as an evaluation tool, says Powell. Instead, ask the candidate to perform a skills-based test related to the position for which they’re applying. “If you use some kind of a work simulation or a work sample so people can actually demonstrate their skills — you can’t really lie when you’re demonstrating your skills.”

- References count

Checking references can also help employers verify an interviewee’s background. Even if they get hired, dishonest applicants may end up being unhappy in the job in the long run.
“If you’re lying that much during the interview, are you really well suited to that job?” says Schneider. “Should you really be applying for it in the first place?”

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