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3 Tips to Prime Your Home Office for Creativity and Productivity

Posted by Insightlink on 10/03/19

When working from home, it’s difficult to separate your personal life from your work life. So, it’s essential to optimize your home office for creativity and productivity so that you can reap the rewards of remote working, without compromising on the quality of your work.
That’s why in this article, we’re offering our top tips so that working in your home office always seems appealing. From decluttering the space to decorating the walls and creating ‘zones’, we’ll leave you inspired to make your office a haven for efficiency. 
Declutter the space 
As the saying roughly goes, a tidy office leads to a tidy mind. So, it’s essential that your office remains tidy and well-kept, so you can find what you need as you need it, and avoid adding to existing frustration during stressful times. 
While open shelves may seem like a great idea to begin with, it’s likely that your intention of a sporadic decorative display won’t last long. They’re great in theory, as they’re able to house many items of different sizes, however this works as both a blessing and a curse. So, if you’re opting for open shelves, it’s best to have as much other storage as possible to keep them from looking cluttered. Instead, opt for under-desk drawers and keep them organised with dividers to ensure you know where everything is when you need it.
It’s likely that as you progress in your role you’ll acquire more loose paper, textbooks and documents which will require storage. If you fill your shelves or boxes to the brim, then you’ll be left with little room for these items. To avoid this situation, plan ahead with extra cupboards or desk trays. If you have textbooks or documents that you won’t need every day in your desk space, consider moving these to allow for items that you often require.  
Decorate the walls
While you may think decor is the key to distraction, it can also be highly functional and practical to inspire you to work and make the environment a little more pleasant to work in. A wall art piece is a great idea for any space. If you’re feeling creative, you can even design your own to put a personal stamp on your office space. Focus on incorporating something personal in your art which is likely to spark positive thoughts, or photographs that bring a sense of calmness and remind you of happy memories during stressful times.
One of the most popular ideas for a home office is memo boards. While they’re not very decorative, they’re very functional and practical for hanging everything from photographs to ‘to do’ lists. With a range of options now on the market, a memo board doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you’d prefer a stylish corkboard, a metal grid to peg post-its to, or even a piece of string with pegs, there’s something for every taste of home office design.
Create zones
To make your office a little more organized and keep it that way, create zones to ensure everything is where it needs to be. Define these zones based on the type of task that you’re likely to be undertaking in that area, such as a writing zone, informational zone or creative zone. This is an effective way to tailor your office exactly to your needs and have everything on hand without compromising on organization. If you’re likely to need a range of items often such as the items required to wrap products or a card organizer, then consider using a mobile mini zone on wheels, so that you can navigate the space easily.
Ultimately, your home office needs to be a place where you can work comfortably. So, for best results, separate your zones using different colored paint on the walls or create sections using different flooring - such as creating a transition between carpet to beautiful wood effect tiles which will add a little warmth to the space.
Tidying can often seem like a mammoth task if your whole office is a mess. One of the most beneficial things about separating your office into sections is that you can declutter one each week, which will prevent the process from feeling overwhelming. If you’re a messy worker, creating zones could be the perfect way to keep the mess contained, and keep your mind on task.
Working at home is sometimes not an easy task, but with our top tips, we hope that your office will be a little more organized, and day to day tasks won’t leave you lost in a sea of endless papers. Our favorite tip is to ensure that you place a personal stamp on your space, to make your home office a little more enjoyable to work in, and allow the creative juices to flow.
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