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How to Give Gifts to Your Employees That Actually Matter

Posted by Insightlink on 03/10/17

If you’re an HR manager or the head of a company, you’ve likely given some thought to rewarding your employees. After all, giving gifts and offerinhappy employees equals higher profitsg perks to the most hardworking individuals on your team is a surefire way to improve morale, increase retention and make your team members feel appreciated.

But sometimes company gifts fall short. Not all employees get excited about receiving a new computer mouse, a coffee shop gift card or even a watch. The art of making gifts meaningful is approaching them thoughtfully, and designing them based on the recipient’s personality type. So here’s a quick guide to get your wheels turning about how to properly pat your best staff members on the back.


The Organized One

We all know someone who is unapologetically Type-A and goal driven. Oftentimes, this personality type will be found in detail-oriented positions, poring over intricacies that no one else wants to touch. If this sounds like one of your employees, you’re in luck! This is a very easy person to buy for, because these individuals tend to enjoy practical gifts instead of any frills. 

If you’ve heard this person talking about wanting to take their personal budget to the next level, you can give them a boost. Pay for a year of a premier budgeting software that links to their bank account, like Every Dollar Premium. This will help them save time and stay on track with their goals, and is likely something they wouldn't gift themselves.

Another idea for this personality type is the gift of a high-quality planner. Many organized types enjoy keeping track of their calendars, goals and notes on paper (rather than in digital formats), so they'll probably go crazy about receiving a Day Designer and a set of quality pens.


The Tree Hugger 

Then there’s the environmentalist, who is always bringing in gardening books and talking about going camping. This person is most likely to love a gift that helps them pursue their passions in style. One idea is to get a warm, high-quality jacket for them that they can use on their favorite excursions. 

Or, if they seem to have all the gear they need, another idea is to get them some stationery from an eco-friendly brand like Paper Culture. They can use the gift, and also feel good about the fact that Paper Culture plants a tree for every order placed. 


The Lifelong Learner 

One of everyone’s favorite personality types is the one who is insatiable for information. This individual is always trying to read something new or master a new skill. The best gift you can give in this scenario is to offer them another opportunity to learn. For example, you could gift them with a cooking class if you’ve heard them mention wanting to improve their pasta game.

Or if this person seems to be more of an academic type, they might want to gain some book-based knowledge. In this case, consider buying them a subscription or package for Coursera, where they can take a wide range of courses (taught by instructors from some of the best universities in the world) and even get a course certificate at the end; this will be gold to a lifelong learner.

So when you find yourself wanting to give more than just kudos to your top performers, it’s time to get out of the box. Start by thinking about your employee’s personality type and the passions they’ve mentioned outside of work. Your thoughtfulness is sure to pay dividends in their own personal satisfaction and their commitment to your company.


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