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Tips To Enhance Workplace Productivity With Technology

Posted by Insightlink on 10/22/21

High productivity is the holy grail for most successful organizations. Productivity improvement means getting more done – more output – with the same amount of input. Even better, the best improvements can allow your business to increase productivity while decreasing cost. Technological advancements have given us numerous options to make the workplace more productive. Such tools help to deliver the best possible solutions by aligning with the business goals and vision. Many professionals agree that with technological integration, employee engagement increases, resulting in a win-win for both employee satisfaction and employee output.

Let’s go through some of the ways in which technology can boost the productivity of your organization.


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Ways To Fuel Up Productivity In Your Workplace With Technology

Luxembourg is the most productive country in the entire globe, with $93.4 GDP per hour. Among all the way that make this country so productive, rapid technological adoption is the key. Prividing adequate resources to employees in completing their tasks more efficiently. For your organization consider tools that open ways to enhance the work in a productive manner. The following are some methods that help organization to improve their productivity:

Track Task Timings

For a long time, we have heard that “Time is money.” Indeed, the more you keep an eye on the time employees spend completing their tasks, the more you can figure out their potential. Moreover, today many automation tools are available that track metrics like the time taken to complete the task or how many tasks are completed in a day, where else they are spending their time other than their work. It could be any actions like social browsing, messaging coworkers or friends, etc.By studying this data, you can better determine the number of productive employees and those who need further training and guidance.

Improve Flexibility In Workplace Daily Actions

Often the most repetetive and tedious tasks for the employees on a daily basis are attendance record-keeping, leave applications, document sharing, salary-related information, updates in their personal information, and many more aspects. All the workers come across and need to perform all such tasks regularly apart from their core jobs that consume considerable time and affect their productive nature. Today, automated and cloud-based platforms such as and other alternatives allow the workers to complete all such daily tasks independently instead of involving the HR department. A flexible, self-service concept is the primary need for all employees to stay happy, engaged, and productive in their workplace.

Develop A Collaborative Work Environment

A single individual cannot bring success to the business. That’s why team efforts are indeed a potent base for all companies to develop an efficient workplace. According to a survey, nearly 97% of the employees and executives feel that lack of connectivity with the team affects the overall project outcomes. That’s why nothing else can be as productive as an in-house brainstorming session among the employees. Such a collaborative work atmosphere will help to take one more step towards forming a productive workplace as the whole team will share their ideas, create something new, or together find solutions to the issues. For setting up a connective workplace, technology has given rise to many collaboration tools like Google meet, Skype, Zoom, etc., freely available applications that you can access even while working remotely. This will help them benefit from instant messaging, video chat, taking part in conference sessions, etc., making their communication channel even more strong that motivates the employees to perform with all possible efforts.

Acknowledge and Appreciate Employees


Every employee dreams of hearing some praising words from their employers for the efforts they put in performing the tasks. When asked to employees about their drivers for doing great work, the following result is found- Thanks to technology, due to which the employee recognition process is shifted to the social platforms where digitally, everyone will come to know about the employee’s outstanding performance. Such public recognition will tend to increase workplace productivity and make every employee motivated enough to receive gratitude from their employers. Moreover, now many smart performance measuring tools are available that directly showcases the details of employees’ performance and accordingly determine the need for their promotion or incentives that behave as work treat for them to upscale their productivity.

Build An Engaging Culture

Employee engagement and productivity go hand in hand with each other. There is a vast difference between the productive levels of an engaged and disengaged employee. That’s why today, many companies are focusing on the employee engagement aspect as it directly improves their willingness to put more effort into performing their tasks.

But how does technology play a role in it?

Because of the employee engagement tools, it becomes even easier for companies to conduct surveys, open up channels to get feedback from employees and measure their satisfaction levels. Engaging comrpany culture will improve employee well-being, reduce absenteeism, and higher retention that ultimately benefits the company to work with the best talents in their entire growing journey.Productivity is the central aspect linked with the entire business and metrics like operational costs, ROI, customer satisfaction, employee attrition, and retention. Moreover, intangible aspects, including employee experience, brand identity, work culture, all get affected by productivity. Hence, without a second thought, productivity should be considered as the top priority of every business. No worries, as technology is here to provide innumerable tools that work as a constant boost for the business to enhance their workplace productivity. Do not miss this opportunity and incorporate productivity technology into your business’s strategy to get blooming outcomes.

Author Bio: Sweta Sharma is a content creator with an observant mindset. Her interests in modern technologies and marketing strategies help her in crafting content that engages readers.

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