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Posted by Insightlink on 06/26/14

There is a difference between happy employees and engaged employees. Happy employees are most likely to say they are ‘satisfied’ with their work. They are the ones who come to work every day and put in their time and may even enjoy their jobs but they aren’t the ones willing to go the extra mile for your organization.
Employees who go the extra mile are engaged; they are the ones who have a sense of ownership in their organization, who have the desire to commit to help it flourish and grow. In short, they are extremely productive individuals who go above and beyond to get work done.
How do you motivate employees to go the extra mile? 
  1. Communicate less about financial success and focus on your company’s impact. People are often more motivated when they realize the impact their organization is having on the world around them. This is especially true of Gen Xers and Millenials who make up a growing part of today’s workforce. Employees may not be motivated by the bottom line but they will respond and make an emotional connection to their work if their organization is making the world a better place.
  2. Recognize and reward bosses who inspire their employees. Research shows that people who work for inspiring leaders are more engaged at work; they are more committed, satisfied and productive. These employees are less likely to leave their jobs. Traditionally managers are rewarded for bottom line results but in this context, inspirational leadership deserves to be rewarded as well.
  3. Strive for employee engagement not just employee satisfaction. A satisfied employee does not necessarily mean they are engaged. A satisfied employee might be content to do their jobs every day but they don’t have an emotional connection to their work.        
       How far your employees are willing to go for you can be determined using an Employee Survey. This is the most statistically reliable tool for measuring engagement. For example, one effective measure of engagement is to ask how likely employees are to recommend their workplace to others. Other questions like this can reveal real-time attitudes and feelings that employees have towards their organization, which in turn can deliver powerful data to an organization that is committed to increasing the average level of engagement and productivity.
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