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There's Only One Way To Find Out How Good Morale Is In Your Company

Posted by Insightlink on 12/09/15

Ask the people who work there!

January 2016.A time for new ideas and new plans.

If you are looking to break with tradition and get a fresh start, why not start with morale. Your foundation is built on it after all. If it is strong you are probably going to have a blockbuster year. If it stinks then next year could be bumpy or worse.

There is only one way to find out how good morale is in your company- you have to ask the people who work there.

Companies are notoriously good at analyzing sales and other aspects of their business but many fail to see or realize the benefit of analyzing morale. Which, when you consider that every business relies on its people to succeed, measuring morale is serious ‘stuff’. Not measuring moral is akin to gambling when you are willing to take the chance that everything is okay. Instincts are good but the facts speak for themselves and they trump false impressions and misconceptions every time.

An employee survey gets to the truth quicker and more efficiently than any other method. Here are 4 key reasons to put you in a ‘survey’ frame of mind:


  1. Being asked to take an employee survey says you care about your employee’s opinion. Being asked for our thoughts validates us and makes us feel our opinion matters. In our experience employees most always appreciate being asked.
  2. Employee surveys don’t take long to fil out. A 45 question survey is easily completed in 15 minutes. We write our surveys with real people in mind so they are easily understood and  we time our surveys so we know we are getting the answers that matter most in the least amount of time possible. We also know that once employees start a survey, they almost always complete it. Going back to #1, employees like being asked for their opinion!
  3. The most powerful question, and the one that often makes the entire cost of the survey worthwhile, is to hear in employee’s own words what they like least about their jobs. These comments tell the stories that need to be heard. This type of honesty often can’t occur in face to face meetings but with the guarantee of total anonymity, employees will let it all out and you will be better for it. You have to know what is wrong before you can even think about making changes. To do so is a complete waste of time. (We also ask what they like best so you hear the all the things you are doing right too!)
  4. Analysis and reporting are the insights you need to make your plan. They give you your ‘Aha!’ moment by bringing morale into focus, for better or worse, so you will know with certainty what your issues are so you can take steps to keep morale healthy and strong.


All businesses are dependent on morale to succeed and if it isn’t healthy you can bet it’s going to hurt your business. Attending to morale can never be a bad decision and we hope you will decide to make it one of your 2016 New Year’s resolution. If morale is a problem, we can help; we have developed some tips and insights to help you take action and make a positive difference.

For more information on Employee Engagement surveys please contact us at 1-866-802-8095 ext. 705 or email us at


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