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Top tips to transfer employee data across different countries

Posted by Insightlink on 11/29/21

In the modern tech-driven and global market, data protection and employee privacy have become crucial for an organization. There is a constant requirement for various businesses to collect and transfer personal data across different national borders. Various multinational companies have to face complicated issues regarding data privacy compliance and management. They are related to everyone from current employees, former employees, and new applicants.
Global threat
More and more countries across the globe are bringing about privacy legislation restricting the free transfer of any employee's info such as employee data across the border. There is worldwide offshoring of IT processes and businesses taking place that place personal info and data in the hands of service providers working remotely. You will find a constant global demand for stringent security measures because of the alarming rate of consumer identity thefts and cyber terrorism. There is a need to maintain sensitive info secure and private. Due to the current environment consisting of multinational regulations, continuous technical innovations, and requirement of risk mitigation, management of employee information and its privacy has gained more importance.
Ways of protecting the data
The private sector and different governments have to work together to find out various ways of protecting information privacy rights for various customers and manufacturers across the world. Several businesses have also begun to recognize the need for applying protection and flexibility to their employee information. With the demand for compliance making way for the costs of enforcing the ways, vigilant data management has become more significant than ever for the HR people.
Despite the protection and security offered by various vendors and other businesses for handling business data, organizations are yet to find themselves to be at risk. Different third-party providers are securing the employee info by using their means. However, complete protection can only be provided by the employee organization. The reality about the regulation of employee data is that most governments are yet far behind the technological capabilities of these service providers.
Changing global perspective
Changes are continuous in the world of multinational data management. Development and maintenance of effective employee privacy strategies need an understanding of the global perspective. You must understand the constantly evolving concepts clearly and observe the growing and complex array of regulations properly. Most multinational organizations are facing new challenges about HR privacy also due to the changing employee-employer relationships. Being aware of the places where stress points are is critical for the success of an organization.
Using the VPNs
While surfing the internet or transferring employee data over an unsecured Wi-Fi network it means you may be exposing your browsing habits or private information. Therefore, using a virtual private network popularly known as VPN is a must for all companies looking to protect the privacy and security of their employee information. Read a list of best VPNs online before selecting the suitable one for your organization. The anonymity and encryption provided by VPN help in protecting the online transfer of employee data. It also protects activities such as online shopping, sending emails, or bill payment.
Data protection policies
A continuously evolving approach to employee data privacy complicates the capability of multinational organizations to collect, process, and transfer data about employees and customers. These multinational corporations have to stay vigilant and nimble during their responses to various compliance and data protection demands across the world. When the European Union decided to adopt the EU Directive it set a standard for the rest of the world. The fundamental provisions in the EU Directive make sure that employee data is processed lawfully and fairly. It also ensures that the data is collected for specific and legitimate purposes and is not maintained longer than required. The EU Directive also places restrictions on the processing of sensitive data and it prohibits data transfer to countries lacking adequate protection levels as decided by the European Union.
There are several significant groups and governments around the world that are implementing the new privacy legislation. One such organization is APEC that uses a U.S.-style self-regulating framework encouraging privacy protection to enable a free flow of information in the Asia-Pacific region. But, despite this range of global regulating bodies, there are many national policies in place that still use the same fundamental principles for data protection.


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