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Driving Employee Engagement With a Smile

Posted by Insightlink on 10/19/15

Humor Help is Here!

Engaging employees does not have to be hard work. Nothing makes us feel better than a good laugh so why not inject a little fun while you ponder your next employee feedback survey.
We all know that when situations become too serious the best medicine is humor. Humor not only makes us feel good it also enhances creativity and reduces stress at work. Engaged employees not only go above and beyond, ideally they should be enjoying themselves along the way.

Studies show that humor in the workplace can boost employee productivity, and even enhance performance. Laughter is also one of the best stress management tools. As the Mayo Clinic reports, more giggles are just what the doctor ordered because laughter increases the release of feel-good chemicals, reduces tension and helps us connect with others.

Humor also does many positive things to our bodies. It's responsible for elevating our mood, breaking up boredom and fatigue and giving us more resilience. It also boosts our immune system, reduces stress, relaxes muscles and lowers our blood pressure. The degree of humor contained in your personal health has repercussions at work. People with a healthy sense of humor are less overwhelmed in tough situations, more cheerful and easy going. They can use laughter to diffuse hostility, and are more likely to encourage cooperation when working in a team. They make work more fun; people who laugh well together work well together.

If life or work has got you down maybe you need help finding your inner funny.

Humor-help is here:

  1. Stash sarcasm - It has too much potential to be taken the wrong way in a work environment.
  2. Tell timely jokes - Don't just memorize the latest joke making the rounds on email. Think about your audience, tailor your jokes to the individual and keep them clean.
  3. Be frugally funny - Making a funny comment to diffuse tension during a meeting is a great idea, but don't overdo it.
  4. Seek out kindred spirits - Hang around funny friends. Spend time with those who are upbeat and avoid negative people whenever possible.
  5. Giggle with the team - You can be seen as having a great sense of humor without ever telling a joke. Just listen to those around you and share in their laughter.
  6. Go funny - Remind yourself to have fun every day. Place humorous cartoons and quotes in your personal workspace.

Frank Tyger was a keen observer of life and an author who believed in humor and he helped make our world a funnier place for many years. Frank used to say that "The ultimate test of whether you possess a sense of humor is your reaction when someone tells you don't."

Certainly employee engagement tactics have their place but all seriousness aside, let’s try and laugh a whole lot more.


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