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Disengaged Employees Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

Posted by Insightlink on 07/29/16

And here's why-

If you get the feeling your employees just don’t care they probably don’t. But don’t take that the wrong way…this could be the start of something big, something new and something much, much better.

Disengaged employees are often easy to spot. The symptoms manifest all around you if you are careful to look for the signs. Disenaged employees don’t smile very much, they call in sick, they quit, waste time, don’t go above and beyond and very often turn away your customers instead of helping them. Sales might be down, productivity could be falling too.

A really quick and simple way to get a sense of what is happening can be found by asking one or two key questions:
1. Are you proud to work here?
2. Would you recommend working here to a friend?

 If the answer to either or both is no, you have three choices. Ignore the problem, hope HR can magically fix the problem or, make a change.

If you suspect or have diagnosed your employees as being disengaged we cannot stress the importance of digging in and finding out why this is happening, and asking what is causing morale to plummet. At Insightlink it is our job to help companies ask these often difficult questions. Difficult by nature and also difficult to how to ask questions using the right words to get the answers you so badly need to know.

We begin with positive reassurance and our confidentiality guarantee. At Insightlink we protect and honor employee identities offering them total anonymity so they can express themselves with confidence. We ask all the right questions in a customized survey designed perfectly for your organization and when the survey has ended, we give you results that tell you exactly what the problems are. When you know what is frustrating your employees (and this means you have heard fro veryone not just your squeaky wheels!), you have the knowledge to take action and make positive changes. No guesswork here.

Just knowing your employee's level of satisfaction is only the start. It tells you where you stand now, but not where you need to go. That's why we developed our 4Cs model of employee satisfaction and engagement, including Commitment, Culture, Communications and Compensation -- because the 4Cs give you a powerful framework for understanding the "whys" behind your overall job satisfaction and engagement scores and where action is needed to improve those levels.

For most organizations it is often a relief to finally know what is important to your employees and how well you are meeting, or not meeting, their expectations. When you can see the gaps you know exactly where to target your action plan.

But we don’t want to brag about how good a job we do, we let our clients do it for us.

"The staff at Insightlink worked with our company throughout the survey process. The survey clearly pointed out areas of concern and we then were able to address these areas immediately. In addition, the company provides a goal plan to address the issues at hand. We have used the survey on two occasions. We were easily able to compare the information between the two years and we did see improvement in the overall operations of the company as well as more engaged employees."
Sylvia Villalva, HR Director, LPDC

To find out more about our surveys, to get a quote or join us in a guided demo please visit our website at or email us at or call us at 866-802-8095 ext. 705

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