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3 Ways to Foster a Culture of Recruiting Across Your Business

Posted by Insightlink on 11/17/21

When we talk about talent acquisition, you immediately think about your organization’s HR department — because that’s the only department responsible for hiring new talent. Or is it?

In reality, every individual that works in your company is an extension of your company’s hiring culture. You see, top talent will be attracted to your company automatically if it sees potential in you. But how, exactly, would they see that potential? By listening to the experiences of people who are already working for you.
There’s a reason why online customer reviews are a massive driving factor for sales today. People tend to trust the words of people who’re already experiencing the product or service. And the same goes for companies and recruitment. People tend to join companies whose employees are actively showcasing their positive attitude towards the organization.
And that’s the key to a solid, thriving recruiting culture.
But how do you build one? How do you make sure your employees are showcasing your brand to the public and boosting its image? Well, start by acting upon the 3 ways mentioned below.
Let’s dive in.
recruitment culture

Make it easier for your employees to share their experiences


If you want your employees to actively talk about your company, provide them with a platform where they can do that.
Empower them to write blog posts about the experience they get while working with you. When they do, share their blog posts on your company website, as well as on your social media accounts to boost exposure.
Furthermore, encourage them to record video testimonials about their time with you. Make sure you’re giving them resources to record the videos professionally. When they do, post these videos on platforms like YouTube — where your future candidates can easily search for them.

Provide easier recruiting workflow to your hiring managers


While the surge in remote work has given us an insight into how capable the work-from-home system can be, there are some limitations to it as well. And most of these limitations are related to the learning curve that the existing workforce has to handle.
If you’re thinking about introducing yet another tool into your hiring managers’ workflow, think again. Work-from-home causes more burnouts in employees when they can’t adapt to the remote settings effectively.
When you’re willing to introduce new capabilities into your hiring managers’ workflow, make sure you’re integrating them into the existing tools they are using. For example, if your organization uses Zoom for all the internal and external communication, don’t introduce a new tool to conduct interviews with potential candidates.
Instead, introduce the new hiring process within your existing infrastructure. It will make your hiring managers happier — which in turn, will benefit your brand in the longer run.
You might also consider changing the way your company has approached the hiring process until now. Hiring the perfect candidate for your business is important. When you need a new person to start work on-site or replace an existing employee, outsourcing and using services of a global PEO can be one of the quickest and easiest ways around - especially if they have access to all types of resumes from different backgrounds at their fingertips

Introduce an employee referral program


Your existing employees are the best source of new, future employees. When you hire someone who’s referred by an existing worker, you can save around 40% by not having to spend money on job boards and agencies. Furthermore, referred employees tend to stay with you for longer periods due to higher job satisfaction.
To empower your existing employees to refer new candidates, you should provide them with rewarding incentives. While cash-based incentives would be the best, you can also grant other types of incentives like extra holidays or benefits.
Last but not least, if you’re hiring new talent to expand your business in foreign markets, make sure you’re complying with the local laws and rules. For instance, if you want to expand in China, you must have a Chinese working visa to conduct business activities there.

Key takeaways


Your existing employees are the best source of recruitment marketing for your company. When it comes to recruiting, your HR people aren’t the only ones responsible. Instead, your entire workforce acts as an extension of your hiring culture. Top talent considers it a major deciding factor to figure out if they want to work with you. 


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