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How To Create The Right Company Culture

Posted by Insightlink on 11/06/15

 Fifty-one percent of employees are not engaged with their work while 17.5 percent are actively disengaged, according to a poll by Gallup. But throwing money at the problem won’t automatically give your employees a boost. According to Dale Carnegie Training, 69 percent of disengaged employees would move to a new employer for as little as a 5 percent pay increase but it takes at least a 20 percent raise to attract an engaged employee. group meeting

Fostering engagement is about identifying and fostering the right company culture for your business. It’s not something that happens overnight or can be forced with a game room and flexible time to work from home. A great company culture takes the right combination of intangibles like passion along with balance of work and play. Regularly keeping your employees involved in the process and letting culture unfold organically is a good start. 

Establish Passion 

Finding the right employees goes a long way in establishing passion in the workplace. But giving them a reason to care is crucial to their longevity. Lead by example and take the longview of your company’s goals and overall culture. Running your employees into the ground to outperform last year’s sales goals is a recipe for disaster. Instead, consider what you want your company culture and workforce to look like in five, 10 or 20 years. 

Will they be the same employees? What will make them want to stay? Give them a reason to deeply care about their jobs whether through challenging and rewarding work, giving paid volunteer days for their favorite cause or becoming vested in their continued education with a tuition reimbursement program. Start by using your job page to recruit the right candidates. For example, LifeLock employs a straight-forward and simple job page that lays out the difference employees make in their customers' lives by protecting their identities. They promise challenging, fast-paced work that is as fun as it is rewarding. 

Go Beyond Traditional Benefits 

Traditional benefits are a thing of the past. Health benefits and retirement plans are now just the price of admission. Today's workforce wants more from their career than stock options. Combine a generous compensation and benefits program with perks like wellness rewards, extended paid leave, work from home days and free public transportation. Netflix doesn't track vacation days or work hours and instead looks at performance and productivity. Meanwhile, Facebook offers four months of paid parental leave, day care and adoption fees and cash gifts for your new baby. 

Create a Balance for Work & Play 

Google is legendary for its work and play environment with play areas, kitchens, free meals and private reading areas adjoining its library. The corporation figured out that happy employees are productive employees and downtime built into the company culture only fosters that culture. Google employees are encouraged to have a life and enjoy their time at work from subsidized massages to fitness classes and access to health counselors. But according to an article in the New York Times, Google's construction of the ideal company culture is calculated and backed by science from the open floorplan to how to encourage innovation and collaboration. At the end of the day, innovation and collaboration is what any company wants from their work culture.

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