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How To Convey Company Culture On A Jobs Page

Posted by Insightlink on 04/08/16

With increased opportunities in working from home, an American economy that added nearly 300,000 new jobs in 2015, and an unemployment rate that has steadily been decreasing since 2011, potential employees are becoming increasingly selective in finding the right workforce fit. The values of a business are an important deciding factor, as a 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey by Deloitte University Press found 82 percent of respondents believe company culture is a potential competitive advantage.


One of the first places candidates are exposed to company culture that may impact their desire to even submit a resumé is on a business job postings page. Here's how to positively convey company culture on a jobs page to get visitors interested and motivated to apply.


Lead with Imagery

Photography displayed on a jobs page allows your company to instantly convey values of diversity, work ethic and a sense of fun to potential hires. recommends if you want to attract diverse candidates, be sure to include diverse employees in imagery of a jobs posting page. This can be shown through group photos of your whole team, or by highlighting key leadership. Make sure faces are smile-filled to increase positive sentiment for your company.

 Employee and team development indicates a value of work-life balance, so consider including photography that displays team-building outings or fun activities held at the office. The physical work environment, represented by unique furniture or an open working space, helps give candidates further insight into culture.


Use Emotionally Compelling Copy

 A 2012 study by Net Impact and Rutgers University found respondents said having a job that allows them to feel like they're making a larger impact than simply clocking in and out was more important than having wealth, prestige or even children. One of the best ways a company can show candidates the value of working there is through copywriting that resonates with candidates' emotions and tells them that their role means more than their desk nameplate.

 An example of a brand that explicitly states the outside-of-the-office difference their employees make is LifeLock. The brand's jobs page states that those who work for the company are part of something bigger than the brand's identity theft services and that their employees make a positive impact on people's lives.

 Approach the writing of a jobs page as if you were writing to a trusted friend you care about to express a genuine feeling of investment in employees.


Talk Directly to Candidates

To make a jobs page feel even more personal to potential candidates and give them a meaningful glimpse into company culture, create a video that takes visitors on a tour around the building and features interviews with everyone from the CEO to call center representatives who give personal insight into why they love working for the company. Curate testimonials from current clients and current employees in various positions that you can prominently feature. Consider adding a chat option on the job page that allows potential candidates to get instantly in touch with a human resources representative.

Focus on transparency when creating your company's jobs page to convey an honest culture, from highly detailed descriptions that are consistent with the tone of the culture you want to transmit to benefits employees receive when they work for the business. Feature answers to questions the human resources department is frequently asked. Make social media networks prominently visible so candidates can explore a company's messaging further. Make a company cultural focus on relationship-building obvious by making it easy to connect with you through the jobs page, so they can get closer to the application step.


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