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Does Your Company's Job Page Scream

Posted by Insightlink on 05/20/16

'Work Here'? 


With the plethora of hours, manpower and money that goes into a company’s recruiting strategy and process, it’s safe to say that hiring the right candidate for a position is a top priority.

And it’s no wonder. Harvard Business Review estimates that nearly 80 percent of employee turnover is directly related to poor hiring decisions. And the price to replace said poor hire, a whopping two-and-a-half times that person’s salary.

show me the moneyWhile many pieces go in to the recruiting puzzle — including sourcing, attracting, interviewing, selection, negotiation and hiring — a crucial piece lies in your company’s job page. If you’re not sure if your company’s career page packs a punch, read on to learn how to help your job page stand out to potential candidates.


Show ‘em what you got

Gone are the days of punching a clock, collecting a paycheck and leaving work at work. Many employees today consider their jobs to be a major part of their lives. And with the millennial generation surpassing all others to become the largest share of workers in the workforce today, it’s key for employers to know, cater to and highlight what attracts these folks.


Millennials are on the search for not only a job, but a career that is in line with their beliefs, lifestyle and desire for work-life balance. In other words, company culture is key for many job seekers. In fact, according to, time no longer equals money. Smart businesses today opt for a flexible component to employees’ schedules, and millennials are flocking to these positions. In fact, PwC’s “Millennials at Work” study indicates that many a millennial would forfeit a promotion or a higher salary to have the schedule they desire. Millennials are also interested in a career that allows them to grow both personally and professionally and offers training that combines both their professional goals and personal passions.


Key components of a career page

According to LinkedIn, a mere quarter of job candidates are actively searching for a job, which means your job page needs to grab their attention quickly. This means you need to make it more than a listing of open jobs and what you are looking for.


Overused clichés are not effective, either (think words like ninja and rock star, as well as utterly obvious stock images). Getting authentic and creative are keys to a successful job page, but there’s no need to recreate the wheel. Take it from companies who got it right.


Carrot Creative’s job page immediately grabs attention with interesting video, graphics and immediate mention of company perks, such as unlimited vacation, a great view and testimonials from current employees. Likewise, DriveTime's job page has a video from the CEO about the company and it has clearly marked sections about the company's career paths, management program and internships. Both pages use verbiage, graphics and color schemes that match their company’s tone, so job-seekers know what they're getting into.


Make it easy


Talented people are usually busy people, and it typically takes 45 minutes to an hour to apply for a job. Why not make it as painless as possible by allowing candidates to upload a resume or apply via their LinkedIn profile? This is quick and avoids possible frustration on the applicant’s part (because nothing makes a person click away faster than 10 application pages to work through).


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