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How to Become More Employable in 2021

Posted by Insightlink on 05/24/21

The global workforce is rapidly changing, as is the notion of the workplace. The pandemic has shifted the ways brands hire people and the way people choose jobs – making it a much more competitive environment both for experienced and for newbie workers. No matter your industry or your level of education, working on your skills and expanding your knowledge can make all the difference in the world when you’re searching for a new job. 

Perhaps the health crisis has left you without your permanent position in a job you once loved. Then again, maybe you noticed that your position is at risk and you’d like a more stable opportunity in the near future. Although you cannot change how companies develop their own hiring and selection processes, you definitely can affect their decision by becoming more employable in the first place. So, what are the skills that will be of greater value in 2021 than in the previous years? Let’s suggest a few ways you can increase your chances to get a job or to make one for yourself in 2021.

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Perfect your social media presence

How you present yourself on social media does matter in the professional world. Brands nowadays tend to hire based on values, not just qualifications. Especially when it comes to professional networks such as LinkedIn, you should be mindful of what kind of message you want to send.

Take a moment to refine your profile and offer recommendations from other, previous employers. When potential employers see that you’re a hard worker and a trusted person, they will be much more likely to consider you for a position, instead of just admiring your education.

Learn a new language

More companies today are doing their best to penetrate the global market, as opposed to working only with their local audience. That means they need customer support, sales, and marketing people who not only understand their own subject matter, but are also able to communicate with the new markets and target audiences. For example, you can learn French online and work with the local French market in different positions, helping any company expand and grow.

Mastering a second language is an asset that can never lose value, especially if you wish to make yourself more employable in customer-facing positions. Keep in mind that some languages, including French, are helpful for a wide range of countries, including Canada and Switzerland, not just France, which means you can apply for a broader range of brands.

Brush up on your writing skills

Whether you’re writing your own resume and a cover letter, or you’re about to apply for a marketing position, being an effective storyteller is a plus. Every single business in existence needs a powerful content marketing strategy, so as a compelling writer, you can easily get a position in every possible sphere.

To make your writing more marketing-friendly, you can learn about the fundamentals of SEO and customer-centric writing styles. You can also learn how to write different content formats, such as listicles, lengthy articles, video scripts, and the like, to make yourself more useful no matter where you apply for a job.

Take up an online course

People who are willing to learn and keep learning as they move through their careers are considered far better candidates than those who stick to what they know. Depending on your industry, it would be best if you could take up an online course in a specific skill that complements what you already have to offer in your field of work. Especially during the pandemic, when classroom-based learning is much more difficult, more online workshops have come to life, making it possible for people in all professions to advance.

Look for a course that can be applied in your industry, but also something that can extend into other professions. In addition to mastering French, for example, which can be used in any industry, you can take up a course in graphic design and become better at creating effective presentations.

Practice your interview skills

If you want to work in an industry that heavily relies on fundamental one-on-one communication skills, negotiation, attentive listening, and the like, the impression you make on your potential employer will be a decisive one for your employability. This is not something you will be likely to develop on your own, you’ll need to focus on your communication by working with someone who knows you well. It can be your colleague, a close friend, or even a family member.

Mock interviews will allow you to become more attuned to the body language of your interlocutor, while you’ll also learn how to gain better control of your own non-verbal cues. You’ll also be able to learn from your mistakes, adapt your tone of voice, and take advice from the people you practice with. Communicating more effectively is one of the best ways to make yourself more employable, no matter the field of work you choose – it will help you present your unique value proposition better, answer questions more eloquently, and present yourself in the best light.

There’s no denying that the world is quickly changing, making room for more flexible professions, brands that embrace diversity, and companies that innovate rapidly. In that constantly changing world, you need to be prepared to master new skills, obtain new knowledge, and adapt to the new environment. Some of the skills mentioned here can make a great impact in different fields of work, while others will give you the edge to get hired over someone else in a competitive field. Invest in yourself continuously, and you’ll have much greater chances to land your dream job. 

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