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Bad Bosses Need TLC Too

Posted by Insightlink on 09/16/16

 It is tough to find out that your employees have harsh and negative feelings about you and they way you manage them. We take that kind f stuff personally and sometimes it hurts.
In a perfect world communication would rock and everyone woud feel valued and heard and If communications were truly working as they should then you wouldn't need to survey employees because everything would be out inthe open. In a perfect world bosses would regalarly walk up to and as you how well you like your job. And you would feel confident and reassured about telling them and there would be no secrests and problems would be solved. 

The reality is communications are tough for everyone and chances are if you are considering surveyong your employees its because you know you have communciation problems. A survey won't solve your problems but it sure can be the most logical first step in at least identifying what your sore spots are and what kind of barriers you are up against. 

 Negative attitudes can have a direct impact on morale and productivity, so it is essential to be proactive as an employer and a boss. If you have any doubts about how liekly your employees would tel you the truth to your face you have a ocmmunication problem and the best way to find out what is causing the problem may require you to survey employees to at least get the bal rolling in a positive direction.

Very often survey critics will say if you have to promise anonymity to get your employees to complete a survey is a broken company. So does that imply there is no hope? Of course there is always hope if there is commitment to change and for many orgainations it starts with a basic, base level understanding for what is going on that can only be accomplished with a well-written and designed survey that can 

Ways you can be proactive include being your own best investigative reporter. You have to be willing to loo through they eyes of your employees and see what they see with an open mind. We humans have a tendency to be driven a bit too  much by our own egos which can often interefere with our abliity to see the truth and what is really going on.

In that way an employee survey eliminates the chance of someone biasing the truth. Give your employees the chance to epress themselves, in theri own words and then ask a third party employee research and survey company to do the comprehensive analysis for you and what you end up with is a pretty fair and honest assessment of what is happening in your workplace.

Here at Insightlink Communications, surveys are our specialty.

We have honed the process of survey development into an art. We know which questions to ask, when to ask them, and what to look for in the answers. We have seen companies increase their employee engagement and job satisfaction scores year after year trough their own effort and commitment to making work a better pace fo their employees.

You can be the kind of boss that you always wanted to be – a proactive boss, one that listens to the employees, hears their needs, and makes the necessary changes. Contact us today to learn more and let us help you be that kind of boss!  

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