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The Secret To Employee Engagement Is In The Recipe

Posted by Insightlink on 08/14/15

Do you ever wish employee engagement came with a recipe you could follow for success?

It is frustrating, it is complex and it is not very well understood. We know that the key ingredients include ensuring employees feel that they are recognized and rewarded for their work, that they have opportunities to learn and grow, that their work is respected and that they can make suggestions and be involved in their work and with the organization but how do we get these to connect and create engaged employees?

It has taken us a long time and a lot of experimenting to create a no-fail recipe for employee engagement, and unlike Colonel Sanders, our recipe is not a secret. The employee engagement recipe is really made up of only one single ingredient, people, but how the recipe, or the people will turn out, or how engaged your employees are, is completely dependent on how committed you are to them. Do you treat them fairly, show concern for their well being and do you trust them to do their jobs?

Our recipe requires finding out what is important to your employees and also how well you are meeting their expectations. And that is what sets us apart from other employee survey companies. We organize everything your employees think and feel into the four pillars of engagement or what we call the 4Cs of employee engagement.

Compensation, Culture, Communications and Commitment are the foundation for employee engagement and when you evaluate employees’ opinions in the context of the 4Cs framework, then you get a deeper understanding of the issues and stories that are in the hearts and minds of your employees.

It takes commitment to make this recipe because engaged employees take effort, they are not like a no-bake cheesecake dessert; they are more like a Lemon Chiffon pie made from scratch. But once you commit to employee engagement, you will succeed and we can help. We know from years of asking them that employees want a chance to tell you what they think and they appreciate being asked. They will know you really care when you listen and respond to them.

Are you ready to start cooking? Contact us at

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