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8 Things Bad Bosses do to Make Good Employees Quit...

Posted by Insightlink on 08/11/15

...that are ruining your company! 

Across North America, employees from warehouse floors to hi-rise boardrooms share some fundamental work issues. After conducting thousands of employee surveys, we have found that if people don’t feel they are managed well you might as well be holding the door open as they leave. Some of them you might be better off without but many will be your top talent, the ones you should be keeping. Sadly, you yourself could be the one pushing people out the door and not even realize how you are contributing to the problem.

How many of us have unbelievable 'bad boss' stories to share like this one from the movie Horrible Bosses?


The trouble is you are guilty of pushing talent out the door when you overwork your people. A recent study from Stanford has proven that productivity per hour declines sharply when the workweek exceeds 50 hours, and productivity drops off so much after 55 hours that there’s no point in working any more. Still the majority of us want to work hard and will put in the extra effort to do a good job but when there is that kind of give, you have to know nobody is doing it for free. The organization that takes, has to give something in return. There has to be some reciprocity either with raises and/or promotions.
Fail to recognize effort. Recognize the people who make the effort and do it as often as they deserve it. Make the effort to recognize people in ways that are meaningful to them. Some of us like public praise, others hate the spotlight, so do it privately. Reward people and they will reward you in return with effort and loyalty.
Break your promises. Broken promises are deal breakers but if you keep your promises and stay true to your commitments, then you will seen as trustworthy and honorable.

Display a lack of empathy. Sour relationships with a boss will lead to a split sooner or later. If managers care about the people who work for them not just their productivity then you have relationships that are bigger than just getting the job done.

Hire the wrong person. This is one of the biggest de-motivators because those good people who are forced to work with a bad hire get frustrated to begin with and eventually become angry, especially if the new hire gets promoted. When the wrong people bypass hard working employees there is no bigger insult.

Display poor people skills. Most employees count on their managers to give them regular feedback. If managers keep it coming and keep the lines of communication open, they will successfully connect with their team but if they can’t communicate, then there will be trouble.

Afraid of change. Talented employees want things to change and improve, so if a manager refuses to make change, choosing to keep the status quo and ignoring their efforts, they will end up alienating their people, who will eventually hate their jobs and will eventually leave.

Lack of intellectual stimulation. Bored employees send out resumes. Managers who can create goals and then are willing to help their employees reach and exceed them will inspire them instead of losing them to the competition.

If turnover is an issue, address it before it becomes the norm. Perhaps an employee survey would give you the insights you need to see where the breakdowns are occurring and why people are leaving.




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