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U.S. employers to boost offers to new hires

January 2007

Workers with New Year's resolutions to find new jobs may find their timing is good, as nearly half of employers plan to boost the salaries offered to new hires this year, said a survey released this month.

One in five workers plans to change jobs this year, according to the survey released by, an online job site.

One-third of workers surveyed said they were dissatisfied with their pay. One in four said they did not receive a raise last year and of those who did, one in five said the raise was 2 percent or less.

A third said they were dissatisfied with the opportunities for advancement at their current jobs, 86 percent said they did not get a promotion last year and 26 percent said they felt overlooked.

Job seekers will have plenty of negotiating power because employers are facing a growing labor shortage, said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder.

"Bigger paychecks and promises of career advancement and flexible schedules are expected to be offered on a wider scale this year," she said.

The survey said 49 percent of employers will raise the salaries offered to new hires this year.

Forty percent of employers say they have positions they have been unable to fill, CareerBuilder also said.

Things to Do Now

Identify employees who bring the greatest value to your company.

Identify the risk of each of these key employees leaving the company or disengaging from their work.

Conduct informal meetings with your key employees to emphasize their value to your organization. Ask them what they consider most important (i.e., career growth, financial aspects, work-life balance). This will help you better understand their top motivations.

Develop a customized plan for each key employee to address their main concerns and to strengthen the employment relationship.

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