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Why You Need Employee Exit Surveys

According to a recent study, although almost nine-in-ten U.S. organizations interview their departing employees before they leave, only 4% systematically collect and tabulate their exit survey findings. This means that most organizations are missing out on an important opportunity to collect valuable data that would assist their recruitment and retention efforts and help them reduce the cost of employee turnover.

Here at Insightlink, we strongly believe that exit surveys represent an important opportunity to gather valuable insights from your employees who depart voluntary. However, there are a number of best practices that help make the survey process simple and painless. To get the most benefit from their exit surveys, organizations should make their departing employees feel and believe that their input will have value to the organization, especially because these surveys represent a last opportunity for them to input directly influence company policies. They need to know that their reasons for leaving will be heard.

Because of this, we have designed InsightEXIT to be a very efficient and cost-effective online measurement tool so your organizations can easily learn why your employees are leaving. The benefits of InsightEXIT include:

Fast, accurate feedback from departing employees An honest forum for giving their reasons for leaving An early warning indicator of turnover drivers Real-time reporting and analysis tools

A unique component we have built into the InsightEXIT system is to divide your voluntary turnover into two distinct groups:
  • Preventable turnover - this is the proportion of employees who left for reasons specifically related to their work experience. In other words, they did not have to leave and, as such, they have a strong impact on an organization's turnover costs. In our experience, as many as 50% of voluntary departures are preventable. By taking action on the reasons these employees are leaving, you can substantially reduce your turnover costs.
  • Non-preventable turnover - these are the employees who are leaving for reasons outside of the organization's control. This is a helpful number to know because it lets you see how much of your turnover costs are not preventable.
Of course, just knowing how much of your employee turnover is preventable is only part of the question - you also need to know why they are leaving. The standardized InsightEXIT survey asks your departing employees for the reasons they made the decision to leave because, once you have this information, you can implement action plans to reduce the impact of the leading drivers of turnover in your organization.

InsightEXIT Features and Functionality

A key component of this system is the InsightEXIT dashboard that summarizes in real-time key statistics from collected data. At this secure site, HR managers and personnel are able to:
  • Upload employee demographic data, which will automatically trigger an email invitation, or to invite a departing employee to complete an exit interview,
  • Monitor the progress of each invitation, including both participation and completion rates,
  • Review individual survey results on a real-time basis, and
  • Produce reports of completed surveys, including the ability to define specific data filters as needed so that you can drill down into the specific reasons your employees are leaving.
By seeing exit findings both individually and in total, you and your colleagues can use the results to take action to reduce turnover and increase retention.

For organizations with large numbers of departing employees, we also offer the ability to set up recurring data transfers from your HRIS system, with email invitations sent automatically.

All Insightlink exit surveys include the "4Cs" of employee satisfaction - Commitment, Culture, Communications and Compensation. The 4Cs approach came out of a thorough review of existing academic and business literature on employee motivation and morale. Each exit survey questionnaire is then customized to meet specific client situations and corporate environment.

The Insightlink Exit Survey System can also be adapted for use with hardcopy exit questionnaires as well as with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and telephone interviewing methodologies.

Insightlink also offers a variety of optional "offline" reporting alternatives, including quarterly memos of the key highlights from the exit surveys and an analytical summary report of the findings in PowerPoint format ready for presentation to management.

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