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Employee Engagement Surveys

Here at Insightlink, we believe that employee satisfaction and employee engagement are equally important measures that both belong within a well-designed employee survey. Although job satisfaction and engagement are related and probably overlap to some degree, they are not the same thing.

Employee satisfaction:

Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy employees are with the work they are doing and how well they are able to fulfill their day-to-day needs and longer-term career aspirations. It can be most readily assessed through a simple job satisfaction question.

Employee engagement:

Employee engagement can best be summarized as a dynamic partnership in which employees bond with their organization and with one another through shared understanding and common purpose. Engagement is a state in which employees are fully involved in their job roles - physically, cognitively, and emotionally. In a highly engaged workplace, employees understand and agree with the organization's strategic goals, are clear about how their work fits into making those goals a reality, are motivated to go beyond narrow job definitions to meet those goals and are confident that their efforts will be recognized and rewarded by their peers, managers and the organization as a whole. Importantly, engagement is a "two-way street" because organizations must work to engage employees and not leave it completely up to employees.

The most engaged employees experience a blend of high job satisfaction, autonomy and empowerment as well as believing that the organization is committed to them as employees. This is why you want to maximize the level of engagement in your organization.

Because engagement represents, by definition, a variety of different components, we don't ask engagement as straightforward question. Rather, we combine a number of multiple measures into a single Employee Engagement Index, which can be used to both assess an organization's current level of engagement and then track its success at improving that level.

Engagement 4Cs

Tgrough our experience we have learned four key lessons about Employee engagement :
  1. Employee engagement can measured,
  2. Employee engagement can be correlated with performance,
  3. Employee engagement varies from poor to great, and
  4. Most importantly, employers can do a great deal to impact on their employees' level of engagement. That is what makes employee engagement so important as a tool for organizational success.

Are you ready to find out how our comprehensive approach to employee engagement surveys can help in your organization? Find out what hundreds of other companies have discovered: That the small investment required to achieve measurable improvement is not just a benefit to employees, but to you and your entire organization as a whole.

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Employee surveys are a low cost investment in the success and profitability of your company. Research shows that companies with higher levels of employee satisfaction financially outperform their peers.

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